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O negative blood type

Hi ladys .. Back in december I had a miscarriage because of my blood type I'm currently preg 8 weeks and was wondering at how many weeks can I get the shot so I don't miss miscarry again ... Any advise would be great......
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I don't think being a negative blood type can cause a mc as I too am o- and had a mc early on. You normal get the anti d injection at about 28 weeks but discuss your fears with your doctor. Good luck.
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I'm A- and with my first i had a lot of bleeding so i had the shot several times and before the 28 week mark. She came out A+ and very healthy. I am pregnant with my second and haven't had any bleeding problems so if i have no issues with that i won't get the shot til 28 weeks. Discuss it with your doctor and if you have any bleeding before 28 weeks you'll get the shot earlier if not you'll receive iy around 28 weeks.
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I'm Ab-. Lucky me. The rarest in the whole world. About 1% of the world share my blood type. If Ur desensitized(sp) then Im not sure the shot helps. U only get the shot if u bleed in pregnancy, then the 28 week shot and the after delivery. I don't think it prevents miscarriages tho. And my blood never caused me to miscarry.
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Also if your baby's blood is positive you'll get the ahot after delivery so you can have more kids.
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I agree with the first post. I dont think having a negative blood type causes miscarriage. I miscarried my first and it wasn't because I'm b- with this pregnancy I got the shot at 30 weeks.
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Both my kids are +. This is my third. I'm hoping to pass my - blood down to at least one of my babies. Lol. But its pretty rare.
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The Rh factor doesnt cause concern till the second-third trimester as its when the conditon "immune hydrops fetalis" can develope...this conditon doesnt factor in for first trimester MCs... the most common cause is still chromosomal abnormalities in the baby itself(for first trimester)... most likely nothing that could have been prevented...it doesnt make it any easier and im so sorry for your loss :(

Tho you may(or may not) have been given the Rhogam injection following the MC...this doesnt have anything to do with the cause of the MC its for future pregnancies and helps prevent your body from making the antibodies itself... and some Drs dont give it following, it all depends on your Dr
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I had the miscarriage at 18 weeks in my second try-master.. i bleeding on and off thru the 18 weeks... and my doc never told me that im O-  it was my first baby.
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I am o negative blood type as well and i didnt miscarry i only got my first shot at 28 weeks. i dont why they said its your blood type. my doctor was more concerned about me then the baby.
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Okay in your orginal post the 1 was missing infront of the 8 but its still early on... like the prev posts said the shot is usually given at 28 weeks for preventative measures.... not saying some CANT get it earlier but there would be reasons for it...

Did you have any complications early on in your pregnancy? Did your baby have signs that it was caused by the Rh factor? we just dont understand why you say it was your blood type? how do you know?
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If you've already had a miscarriage and not had the shot then there could be complications but not necessarily a miscarriage. Do you know your partners blood type? If he is neg too then you shouldnt have any issues unless you later have a child with a pos man. As everyone above has said, I would be surprised if your blood group caused the miscarriage unless you previously had one you didnt know about and you werent taken care of properly...
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