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Please! Has anyone had this happen before?

Has anyone on here ever had a qualitative test come back negative when in fact you were pregnant? In my case, I feel like I'm pregnant, but everything is coming back negative. I would be 4 1/2 months and I've taken 4 qualitative blood tests spanning from when I would have been 11 weeks, up until now at 18 weeks, and they were all negative. Not to mention the numerous hpt's and the quantitative that my doc sent me for at what would have been 13 weeks and it was <1. I do not want to be pregnant, but just want to know if this has happened to anyone else! I'm on birth control and have had my withdrawal period all 4 months. But, I have had all the symptoms except for missed periods and positive tests. I have fluttering in my stomach, sore breasts, frequent urination, round ligament pain, softening of the cervix, I've lost 15 pounds, food aversion, etc. Wierd stuff is happening to me. I'm beginning to think I'm going crazy! I've got a doc appt tomorrow, but would just like to know if it's happened to anyone else.  

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Is this a repeat thread?
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Yeah, I meant to post on the pregnancy 35 and over forum. Sorry!
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No.  If you are that far along, any test would be positive.  And a pregnant uterus is easily recognizable by feel on a simple pelvic exam by 6-8 weeks.  
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if you really think you are suggest a sono when you go to the doctors, theres no way a baby could hide from that.
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By 4 1/2 months they would be able to tell whether or not you are pregnant not only by a blood test but by feeling your stomach as well like peekawho said.
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Hi, you know had a similar thing happen to me this past May. It lasted until this mid-September. I had all of the same problems. I was losing weight, fluttering in my stomach, food avertion, sore breasts, basically all of the above. I had multiple pregnancy tests come back negative and even the doctor was confused. In August they finally gave me a sono and it showed nothing. It showed that I was completely healthy. I'm not sure about you, but I know when this all began I was overweight. Now that it is October and 5 months later I have lost 50lbs and back down to a very healthy weight. I'm not sure if this relates to you at all. But the doctors came back with a simple, "You're body is trying to become healthy again." I was very confused and a little mad but hey, now that I am back on track and healthy all of my symptoms have gone away and I am back to normal. I'm not sure this will help, but it is what happened to me and it sounds nearly identical to your situation.
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That really makes me fee 50% better!!! I've since May, lost 43 pounds and I'm trying to lose more still. Maybe it is my body trying to become healthy again. I questioned the fluttery feeling maybe being something to do with my intestines or something. I don't know, but that does seriously calm my nerves tremendously that this happened to you and you weren't prego!!! Thanks!
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im glad i helped calm some nerves. however i would keep seeing your doctor every month to find out if they can figure it out. but as for me, now i am fine. i can eat again and i love it. but i am facing the battle of figuring out if i am pregnant now! woo hoo! lol
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I will def keep seeing my doc! Thanks! Best of wishes with figuring out the pregnancy issue! You'e in my prayers!! God bless!
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