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Pregnancy Concerns, what is happening to me?

I need help, and all the answers I can get. I’m so confused. MY LMP was April 1st. I got a BFP, April 30th. Four days later I got my “period” or whatever it was and bled for seven days. Like a normal period. I thought we were miscarrying, but it seems that’s not the case. God has other plans, I think? We are still pregnant. The doctors have no clue how far along I am. They are guessing 4/5 weeks? Which by every calendar I should be 7/8 weeks! I’ve had multiple blood draws done- weekly if not multiple times a week, two ultrasounds (with nothing in my uterus) and a trip to the ER for excruciating back pain, which was unrelated.

My HCG has been increasing gradually and it looks promising but I honestly don’t know. Currently my number is at 2262. The last ultrasound they may have seen a blip of something by my left ovary- but nothing definitive enough to say, yup- ectopic. They talked to me about ectopic pregnancy so I’ve been on high alert the entire time. My numbers have been like this:

Monday May 4th- 35
Wednesday May 6th- 57
Thursday May 7th- 84
Monday May 11th- 238
Monday May 18th- 1638
Wednesday May 20th- 2,262

It’s been a really rough month. I’m not going to lie. Mentally, physically, emotionally we are drained. It’s highs and lows every week that’s gone by. I just pray we get answers soon. I pray we find out what’s going on with me. I’m scared & terrified more than excited. I have another ultrasound in two weeks and repeat blood tests.. it’s been a freaking month. Has anyone one had a similar experience?! What the heck is happening?!
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Do you have an update,  jronquillo?
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Wow, that's a difficult progression in pregnancy, sweetie!  So, they are worried about ectopic pregnancy.  I am sorry that is the case and hope it isn't so!  That is usually diagnosed between 4 and 12 weeks. BUT, this next appointment is the most common time frame they find out for sure.  this next appointment will be very telling most likely.  Is your pain on one side?  That is the more common scenario for ectopic pregnancy pain.    Are they doing trans vaginal ultrasounds on you?  That's the best way to see an ectopic pregnancy (to rule it out, let's think positive)!.  Also, please note that inter uterine pregnancies can usually be seen when HCG goes above 1500.  So, you are at the point where you should be able to know if this is the case and hopefully move on from that fear.  Are they at all concerned at your HCG levels?  They are definitely increasing though which is a good sign.  And more normal for 5 to 6 weeks verses being further along.  Anyway, when do you next see your doctor?  Were you trying to get pregnant? Or was all of this a total surprise??
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