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Hi.. I had a miscarriage May 5 at 9 weeks (but had stopped growing at 6.5 weeks). I then had AF on June 6. I ovulated on June 22, and TTC on this day a few days before and after this date. It is now July 7 and I am having pregnancy symptoms I think. I have felt like I am getting a cold with a sore throat, but do not have fever. Also on 8dpo my gums started bleeding when I brushed my teeth, this has never happened to me..Below is a detailed list I have kept:TTC:
5dpo-Vivid dream, heart burn, pee smell, tingle in feet can't sleep, migraine, side cramping
6dpo- peeing a lot, vivid dreams, sore throat, feel like getting flu
7dpo- bags under eyes, sore throat, cry on commercial, irritable
8dpo-breast sore/heavy, bleeding gums, nipples darker, feel hot but no fever, woke up stomach growling
9dp- cramping above pubic bone, super tired, Nipples sore, headache, bottom gums swollen, Light headed
10dpo- right side cramping, weird smell, cereal taste like beef jerky, sore throat, spacey,
11dpo- vivid dreams, peed a lot, right side cramp, back ache, nipps tender, cervix high/closed/soft
I am so anxious to get pregnant again, so not sure if I am imagining the symptoms. Here is a list of my symptoms.. Has anyone experienced these symptoms and become pregnant? I know your body and system is irregular after a miscarriage, so am confused on what is going on.. My cycles were always a bit irregular and lasted 34 days, so I expect to start AF on July 8... I appreciate any advice... Thanks
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I would buy a box of tests and test in the AM with first morning urine. To be honest I tried not to go there when I was trying to conceive after my miscarriage with over thinking the symtoms because if you are in fact pregnant again you will be worried and stressed enough.... no matter what you do.  You are right when you are looking into it so hard, and thinking about it so much you do start to imagine some symptoms.  You know when you ovulated, so you maximized the opportunity.  That is all you can do and when your body is ready you will have your baby.  Remember if you do test tomorrow it may be a little too soon and may come out positive in the next day or two depending on when implantation  happend.  Good luck and try to keep yourself busy until you can test =)
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Thanks you so much for your advice; I truly appreciate it. I am trying to keep busy with work, etc..What was your situation like after your miscarriage?  Thanks again,

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I know it's so hard not to focus on it, and I am the worrying type so I tried really hard to keep my cool or else I would have drove myself nuts.  I took the approach like I was just going to enjoy myself and not let my husband know my plan (I did ovulation tests but I didn't tell him I would just cook him dinner and seduce him...lol) it kept the pressure off of both of us =)
I had a missed miscarriage last year.  I was 11 weeks along and found out at a routine ultraound my baby had passed at 7 weeks right after I saw the heartbeat.  It was my first preganncy.  I was devestated!  I had to have d&c done and the doc told me to wait 3 months.  It was hard, but I listened to him because I didn't want it to happen again.  That happend in June, and I got pregnant again in November.  I tried October, but it took a month.  I am now 36 weeks along and hoping to have the baby soon.  
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Congrats on your pregnancy! That is wonderful news and I am so happy for you! I am sorry about your miscarriage and totally understand.. It was my first pregnancy too and i was devasted, and still am...I am doing the same thing and not letting anyone know that I think about it and worry... I don't want to put pressure on my husband and I! Your story is encouraging and inspiring.. it gives me hope! Thanks so much..  Are you having a boy or girl?
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I am sorry for your loss as well it is very hard to deal with and I still think about it even though I am pregnant now, and the worry is going to be unbearable when you get pregnancy again.  But, chances are slim of having two miscarriages in a row and more likely than not you will have a healthy pregnancy next time!
I am having a little boy =)
I am so excited, but this pregnancy has been a little rough.  I kept going into labor early starting at 29 weeks, so I have been off work and on bedrest.  I was finally allowed up this week and now I am too big to enjoy myself LOL.  But, I am so thankful if the baby is born now even though a few weeks early he will be just fine!  
Keep me updated and let me know if you have more questions!
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Thanks, I appreciate it! You will love a little boy.. my sister just had a boy, and he is precious! I am glad you have been able to walk around this week.. Great you made it to 36 weeks.. I wish you the very best and an easy delivery.. Keep me updated and I will do the same.. I might be emailing with more questions.. LOL..
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Hi everyone. .
I had a missed miscarriage about 10 months ago by seeing the dead body of my father in law
.I haven't got pregnant yet still one day more to my periods but I'm having nipples pain when touched since one week now..
Why ?
What could be the reason?
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