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Pregnancy weight??

I am 21 weeks today, and after stepping on the scale last night I became a bit concerned. I only weigh 125lbs. Which means I have only gained 10lbs the entire pregnancy. I do eat healthy for the most part. Cottage cheese and fruit with a cup of half decaf coffee. Lunch, I usually have a roast beef sandwich on white bread, with Low fat miracle whip, a tomato slice, and white american cheese. I also heat the lunch meat up to be on the safe side.

For dinner I have a full meal, a meat like chicken, pork or beef...a side carb such as mashed potatoes, and a steamed fresh veggie. We do pasta, but not as much as we do meat. I then will have a snack or a few snacks at night, between a bowl of cereal, another sandwich....or a chocolate ice cream drumstick lol.

With my boys, my weight was extremely high. I was 175lbs with Aiden and 182lbs with Conner. I'm 4'9 and my pre pregnancy weight do vary between 100-115. I was 115lbs pre pregnancy with this baby.

Is my weight okay? Should I be looking at taking in more calories? Do I need to be gaining more? And does this mean that Kora isn't growing normally? Just need a little advice. I know the normal weight gain is 25-30 pounds for a woman who is at their ideal weight before pregnancy.  
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Well I think you're right on target...you're halfway there, and you've gained half of 20lbs, which is the minimum recommended weight for a healthy woman....trust me, it's not all about gaining weight..as long as you have no other reason to suspect Kora's not growing right, you should be just fine but always ask your Ob if you're concerned.

I actually lost weight with this pregnancy, AND with my daughter, and while I was overweight before both pregnancies I was NOT significantly so. And both of my babies were over 7lbs, around 20 inches and VERY healthy.

Ask your OB what he thinks about your weight gain, but I'd say just keep at what you're doing and your weight gain actually sounds perfect, because remember...say you gain another 10lbs in the next 20wks, but you'll also gain a few more lbs as you get closer to your due date as the baby begins to affect your weight too...so I'd say you'll probably come out of this with about 25lbs and that's perfect.
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I wouldn't be worried. I have only gained 18 lbs this whole pregnancy so far despite being slightly under weight before I got pregnant and my doctor said that she doesn't want me to gain over 25 lbs. 10 lbs for 20 weeks is EXTREMEMLY healthy!
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I'm sort of having this issue as well. I'm 22w and I lost about 15-20lbs in the beginning and I've not gained a single pound back. My midwife says everything is looking okay and to eat when I'm hungry, but that as long as she is developing and everything is okay, to not stress over my weight gain.
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Sounds about right to me :) in the last trimester you will pack on the pounds left and right as baby grows so quickly. I think they say maybe three pound most gain in first trimester 2-3 per month in second trimester and last trimester nearly a pound a week. If you are really worried try counting calories to see if you are reaching 2300 per day but mainly just eat when you are hungry. We all gain at different rates. I am 13 weeks and gained 1 pound total and I know other who have gained 13 by now. Your belly doesn't read the pregnancy books so it doesn't know how much to gain when ;)

I also drink an ensure every day for extra protein and such and drink "fruitables" juice boxes they are a mix of fruit and veggies 2 servings of each per box if I remember right but it sounds like you eat healthy which is the most important part! :)
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Phew! Thanks ladies. I know by this time with the boys, I had already gained closer to 25lbs. I gained a crap load of weight with them lol. I will be asking my OB on the 16th at my next appointment. I also get to discuss with him if anything was found on Kora's ultrasound.
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I'm in my 25th week and I've gained about 15lbs, which my doctor says is healthy but a bit on the high end for my body. I wasn't over weight when I got pregnant, but I was at the high end for a healthy body mass index for my height.

I've been using this pregnancy weight gain estimator tool to make sure I'm on track. It calculates your body mass index based on your starting weight and height and plots your current weight on a chart which shows what the healthy range is for your body. I find it useful because I don't have to do the math myself. I check it about once every 1 or 2 weeks. It's right on target with what my doctor told me to gain so I trust it. Just keep in mind that your weight gain is not necessarily linear either. I hardly gained anything my first 5 months then my weight shot up between months 5 &6. I'm now trying to cut back on calories, where at first I was trying to take in more.  

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I'm 16 weeks and still under my pre-pregnancy weight (only by 2lbs). My midwife assures me I will pack on some pounds soon. I'm sure you will round off those numbers later on.
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If your doctor isn't concerned and your baby is growing fine, then I wouldn't worry about it.  I am 36 weeks (tomorrow) and have only gained a total of 13 lbs so far.  Of course I started out with plenty extra, but the most I have gained with ANY of my pregnancies was 26 lbs and with that one I was 126 lbs at 5 months.
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