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Pregnancy weight gain

Hello Ladies :) Just curious how much weight did you gain with your first baby? I am really worried because I am already the unhealthy weight of 196 before pregnancy.  I am  8 wekks now. My doctor said I should gain around 20lbs. To be that seems like alot since Im already so over weight. What do you think?
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It sounds normal to me. If you're obese you would gain 10-15 pounds, overweight would be 15-20 pounds, normal would be 25-35 pounds and underweight would be 35-45 pounds.

When I was pregnant I didn't gain any weight. I was too ill to keep much down.  
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I gained a total of 20lbs. Dr said I should gain 15-20 lbs. I started at 216 then lost (10 due to morning sickness out me at 206 and was like that until my 6 month then I started to gain),and from there on I really didn't gain that much weight until I reached my third trimester. My doctor wasn't too worried that I wasn't gaining weight according to their charts since I was constantly eating. What helped me was, I cut out all soda, sugary sweets, chips, no fast food and drank the recommended amount of water, ate more veggies and fruits. All the weight I gained was all baby, once I delivered I weighed 196.
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I gained 35-40 with both pregnancies, and I started off at 143 with my son, which wasn't bad for my height. Then I started at 165ish with my daughter (never was able to loose much baby weight even two years later...) I didn't gain anything with either until after 20 weeks. I ballooned up at the end with both, I really couldn't tell you how either. PROBABLY because I was anemic and couldn't do much without getting weak and out of breath, WITH taking iron...but 20 sounds right to me too. Just eat healthy, snack on junk in moderation if you're having cravings, and exercise (ie walk) to help keep the weight gain down.
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I gained 34 pounds but I had twins. My doctor was very happy with the weight gain. I ended up having them at 32 weeks along so I cant imagine how big I would have been if I had gone full term!
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I gained 40 lbs but thankfully lost 30 within the first 3 days!!
Clysta is right about the amount you should gain. The 20lbs sound normal. I just wanted to add that it's not fat or anything that you are gaining though. Each thing weighs a certain amount like your blood volume, placenta, baby etc... all that has to add up to something.
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i gained 60 pounds with my first preg that went full term

i gained 40 with my second and had a hard time losing it, got preg again when baby was 7 months old so i started off this preg at an unhealthy weight....my doc said 35 lbs is what they are looking for and my high risk ob says i should be gaining 1.3 lbs a week (currently preg with twins) so i should gain another 20 lbs almost and i have gained 15 so far so we'll see
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I gained 55 lbs, I was already 180 to start so I was not at an ideal weight to begin either, and then still gained all that extra, my son is 11 months now and I have been down the 55lbs for about 3 months so it came off quickly!

I was bad tho, I ate so much bad food like sweets and bad carbs and drank o.j the whole pregnancy and that is why I gained so much
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I gained over 55 pounds with my first child and I've already gained about 45 pounds with my second... I was only 98lbs. with my first, they weighed me in at 153 the night before they induced me. The first weigh in after labor and delivery was 113lbs. Not exactly sure how much I weighed at the time I got preg. with my 2nd, but guessing around 113 or so... I know my results are not normal in fact I didn't even look like I had a baby after the first go round! But I really don't think you should be worried, in fact your body will tell you what you need or don't need! I some way or another. The less you worry the better for your health and the baby's health! Hope this helps! and GOOD LUCK!

I'm 37 weeks today and already dialated...waiting to see if I should call my Dr. or just hang in there... Feeling mighty sick and quite a few cramps already today.
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i am 15 weeks , i lost 4 pounds , but gain 3.8 back in one week that is sacry . i hope i am not going to gain 4 pound per week :)
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I have only gained 17 lbs so far. I started gaining at15 weeks and gain about a pound a week since. Im 32 weeks now. I started out underweight so i should gain more but i eat all the time and this is whag i have managed. I eat alot but mostly healthy... Im all baby though. Maybe ive put a little meat on my hips but im not much
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Lost 8 pounds in first trimester and then went on to make up for it! Gained 38 pounds total.
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Thanks so much for posting. This gives me a good idea of what normal might be. Thanks :)
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