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Safety of exercise whilst pregnant

Hi everyone - we found out yesterday we were pregnant with our first (so happy!). My question is, is it safe to carry on exercising at the gym whilst pregnant at this early stage? If so, what can I and can't I do safely?
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I personally waited until I was out of the first trimester to exercise, but my midwife told me that you can more or less continue to do the things you do before. Just don't get to a point where you can't breathe, keep well hydrated.

It's something best to talk to with your doctor in case they have certain restrictions they want you to follow.
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If you've been exercising prior to pregnancy, then it's completely safe - so I was told by my doctor, and I didn't have any problems, even in the first trimester.  My GP just advised me to stop lifting weights.  
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i wouldnt say it was safe at all my mother misscarried cos she didnt no she was pregnant n it was cos of the gym why she did so, on the rowers all the time
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Every woman and situation is different.. Most doctors recommend some form of moderate exercise during pregnancy(as long as there are no complications) and if you have been exercising regularly you should be fine. I would suggest doing light exercises and see how your body reacts. If you have any bleeding, cramping etc... I would stop. Congratulations.
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i exercised until i was put on full bedrest at 24 weeks and i was pregnant with twins. i did tone it down. instead of running 6-8 miles/ day and 1 hour of weights 3 days/week  i walked 4-6 miles 4--5 days / week.
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it is very difficult for a woman to "cause" a miscarriage with physical exertion, but it's possible. if your body is not properly taken care of (i.e. you lack proper nutrition or you just don't take good care of yourself or you push yourself too hard) it's possible to push your body to the point where it simply cannot support a pregnancy...but this is rare. My doctor recommended avoiding weight-lifting and exercises that specifically targeted abdominal muscles, because as your uterus begins to expand (yes even in the first trimester) it's easy to damage the ligaments supporting that organ.

however, running, dance classes, stationary bikes...these are all good exercises to keep up (although running should be toned down during the 3rd trimester ...if you CAN run at that point, lol) but the absolute best exercises for pregnant women are walking, yoga and swimming.  

like the other ladies said...keep proper nutrition and hydration and just listen to your body and quit if you feel like you're doing too much (be especially vigilant about staying hydrated, stretching to avoid injuring joints and ligaments that are softening because of pregnancy, and be aware that most women experience a small to moderate amount of dizziness during pregnancy which should be taken into account if doing exercises that require balance). if you have any questions about the safety of certain exercises or the use of certain equipment make sure and ask your doctor prior to use.
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Thanks for all your answers - really useful cos was worrying about it.  Had first midwife appointment today who told me gentle exercise is good. Also met with fitness instructor at the gym who gave me special programme (much easier than I've been used to so good excuse to take it easy for a while, he he!).
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