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Strtch Marks

Hello just wondering if any mothers have used bio oil during pregnancy? i have started to use it twice a day it does bring the marks down ( on my breast) just wondering if it really does work. I dont have stretch mark anywere else YET but would like to know some tricks if you guys have any. It make my sking feel really nice and seems to be working so my fingers are crosses. thanks
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Is it...I know this is a stupid question but..is it really oily? I was going to pick some up, but I don't want my skin to be oily all the time. Does it absorb quickly? That's my main thing, I want to combat stretch marks but not be oily or greasy.
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I was told by my OBGYN it does not matter what kind of products you use. If your body doesnt have alot of elastisty, you are more likely to get stretch marks. I know how you start itching as you grow but DON'T SCRATCH IT!  You will make them worse or so says my doctor. Nobody told me this, and I got them my 1st pregnancy but they where worth it!
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Sorry, but nothing will help or prevent stretch marks.  They are caused by skin stretching rapidly and the tissue is well below the skin so topical creams are just not effective.
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Yeah..but I imagine there's some pyschosomatic thing..lol...like if you believe putting on lotion helps than you know...all that matters is how you percieve it. Lol
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I was watching The Doctors the other day and they discussing a new treatment that can effectively reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. It is some "cold laser" treatment and probably expensive. The Doctors films in Hollywood so if you aren't out on the coast it's probably not even available in the rest of the US.

And spade22 is right- the tearing happens under the skin so a topical lotion/cream/oil isn't going to do anything except make your skin soft.

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I SLATHERED my stomach in bio oil and burts bees mama bee butter and was stretchmark free until about 32w then I got tiny red dots which grew =(  Soooo if it is going to happen it will happen...guess it depends on your genes!
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Hey I think I'd be pretty happy with soft skin lol..I'm not the bikini wearing type so strech marks aren't that big of a deal for me. And my husbands stuck with me no matter what I look like. Lol..unless George Clooney suddenly finds himself with a sudden desire for me lol
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its not very oily but i did get a few pipples at first and i took the apperance of the stretch marks on my breast down alot and seems to be working
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it is not good it dont work
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I am using Bio Oil as well as cocoa butter, Palmers and whatever else I have on my night table which is just about any cream you can imagine. I LOVE the BIO OIL. I know that many ppl say that you cannot avoid stretch marks but I figure its a good thing to lather up my body everyday anyhow and do what I can to lessen the intensity for my stretch marks to be. I have not have any marks on my breasts or belly but have started to get them on one of my butt cheaks. My friend swore by BIO OIL after her delivery and her marks reduced enormously with the use of that. I think it might be all in our head but who knows...I kinda think that using creams on my body will have some kinda positive outcome - :)  Bio Oil is not as oily as baby oil - but I do not use it in the morning when getting ready - only at bed time and I leave some time to dry. I like the smell too - I find it soothing :)  Good luck ladies.
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my stomach is full of stretch marks since having my daughter and i have used palmers and bio oil and it does NOT get rid of them or PREVENT them but it will REDUCE THE APPEARENCE of the stretch marks so that they are not as noticable.
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It probably works different on different people, cuz everybodys skin is different. I'm using palmers cocoa butter right now, and I'm probably going to pick up some bio oil. Cuz I'm kinda curvy, if you will, and I already have some strech marks. So basically I wanna reduce the ones I have and try and prevent any new ones. And soft skin is a deffinant plus.
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