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Ultra Sound at 5-6 Wks

I just had the scare of a life time....Went in to GYN's last thursday w/left side pain was sent to go do the HCG & Progesterone levels w/the repeating of it saturday. Doc called this a.m. levels were going up and progesteron looked good but he wanted to see me..went in he used his rinky dinky ultra sound machine and couldnt see anything so started talking about eptopic sent me over for emergency ultra sound at hospital. Tech there saw a SAC in the uterus but that was it...My  question is is that normal to just see the sac for right now and the fetus will show up later? Esp since my #'s are all good? PLEASE HELP !!
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If your levels are ok then you should be fine. Its normal not to see the baby until around 6 1/2 weeks. So if you are just 5 or 6 weeks its completely normal.Next thime you go back you should see a baby with a little heart beat, Congrats!
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Thanks for the quick response my doc really had me stressing out!!! Its nice to know that web sites like this are around to help me stay calm!!!!!!
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ya they cant see fetus that early. i had my 1st u/s at 7th week. i think u r in good shape
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Do you know what your beta level was? At this time it's good to see a sac. At 5 weeks that's all we saw. We went back a week later and baby as there with a heartbeat. They say you should see evidence of a pregnancy when levels hit 1500, my levels at 5 weeks were 5500 and all we saw was the sac, not even a yolk. So don't worry.
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don't worry. I just had an u/s today to make sure it wasn't ectopic b/c my last one was and i am 5w6d today and we saw a gestational sac and yolk and that's it. that's perfectly normal.  breath easy.  heres to a happy and healthy pregnancy to the boht of us! best wishes!
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This site is very helpful and addicting! lol. Im on here everyday!
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i know it's making you crazy!  same thing happened with my daughter - went in with pain and spotting and there was just a sack.  they thought i was 7 weeks.  ended up having to wait a week before another ultrasound, where we saw the heartbeat.  longest week of my life.  turns out that we'd mis-calculated the due date!

congrats to you!
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Thank you everyone really makes me feel a lot better knowing Im not in this alone. I go back in 2 wks to check up and make sure everything is going as it should. The positive part is my doctor said from what he was told we look as if we have a viable pregnancy which is AWESOME News to hear esp after almost having a mental break down this morning!!! To  mami2karina Im not sure what my BETA levels are but I do know my levels are where they should be not sure what a beta level is lol and to  foreverpoppy9 congrats to you as well!!!!
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hiya ive just found out im preg and im around 5-6 weeks i was in hospital yesterday had to stay in over night they thought it was eptopic we had a scan and found out it isnt ;-) they couldntsee much so i have another scan in a weeks time all they could see is the sac and yolk so hopefully fingers crossed for me ;-) i think its jst bit early and plz try not to stress it will harm ur bay if u do i know its hard im the same at the min good luck xx
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