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Update/need help!

Sorry it's been a while ladies, I've been one busy woman! Aubryana's now 3 1/2 months old and has finally started rolling from her tummy to her back. She's definitely a tummy baby except when she's awake, she hates sleeping on her back, and I still co-sleep since I'm exclusively BFing still, but I put her in her pack n play/bassinet before she wakes up. How bad is it that I let her nap and sleep the first part of the night on her tummy? I did it with Elijah, and she's so much better with sleeping on her tummy, after she wakes up for the first time she's on her side when eating and back while sleeping, but she doesn't like it when she's not in bed with me. Now on to the help part...

I am disgusted with my body. I've ALWAYS had problems with my weight, starting in middle school. I wore an 11/12 then. NOW I'm currently sitting in size 14 jeans. I can fit my size 11s but my tummy hangs over the top, and they're so old they've stretched to fit over my big butt. I'm so afraid of dieting/exercising because I don't want it to affect my milk supply, I'm still drinking mother's milk tea to make sure it doesn't drop, and it helps when Aubryana's eating more too. I'm almost tempted to wait until I'm no longer BFing to lose it all, but I'm so tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the girl who wore size 9's four years ago. I joined the army and after dieting before hand and trying to lose the weight it took going through basic training and constantly exercising and their bland diet to finally lose weight. I was down to 135, and gained a little back during my school training for the army, and settled about 143. I was SOOO happy, I loved shopping for clothes! Now I get so p!ssed off the second I try something on and the numbers keep going up and up. I bought some black pants for church last week, and they were a size 16!!!!!!! I know I spent 9 months putting on the weight, but I lost 30 lbs after I had Aubryana. I went all the way up to 214, I have never in my life seen more than 155 before I got pregnant with my son, and after I had him I had back problems from the spinal, and have not been able to lose anything really from his pregnancy, and got pregnant weighing 175. I gained about 35/40 lbs with Aubryana, and it dropped fast, but I'm now stuck at about 185, I'm only 5'4'', and it's dragging me down, I want to look good again, I want to feel sexy again, I want to be able to walk into a store and buy something and not feel embarrassed. I'm sorry to offend anyone, I may be, but this just isn't me. I HATE that I have to buy things from the plus size racks. DH and I have talked about TTC again next year if our finances allow it, and I get the at home job I'm going to try to find. I know in my heart I'm not done having kids, but I have GOT to lose this weight before I try again...I told DH that when I'm happy with my weight again will decide when we try again, and I don't want it to take years and years...I want to be happy and thin again. Being in size 9 jeans, I wasn't a bean pole, but I was happy. I had a decently flat stomach, and didn't even care that my boobs had dropped from a full C to a B. I want to be able to have sex with my husband and not want to hide under the covers. BUT I would much rather be bigger and be able to BF than be smaller and have to FF my daughter...so does anyone have any diet (not like pills/drinks/etc) or exercise advice? I really don't want my milk supply to drop, and I am so afraid it will...OH, and I don't really eat a lot of junk food.
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I don't have a whole lot on the advice end.  BUt I can say that I am totally with you.  AFter my 4th child was born I was up to 185.  I was trying to BF so I just let it go, but after I stopped at around 4 months I looked in the mirror one day and the only thought that came to mind was "MOO"  I literally stood there and moo'd at myself in the mirror. That was the kick in the pants I needed.  I decided to start watching what I ate.  Tried to limit the junk food and I started walking an hour a day.  In 4 months I dropped from 185 down to 142.  I was SOO Happy!!  Then we pcs'd back to the states and ended up in mississippi just before Hurricane Katrina hit and had to evacuate, then he got out of the military and we moved and the stress and everything...the weight came RIGHT back.  I was about 180 when I got pregnant with Lily. Then AFTER I had her I dropped to 172 now I'm back to around 185.  (I, too, am 5'4").  I didn't worry much about it while I was bf'ing becuase I didnt' want to screw up my milk supply.  But my goal was to bf her til around 6 months.  At 5 months 1 week I stopped pumping and started giving her formula.  So, now comes the hard part of getting the motivation to lose this semi-truck tire that I've acquired.  

As I said, I just didn't worry about it while I was BF.  But I knew I wasn't going to do that forever.  

I think that taking daily walks along with keeping an eye on your calorie/fat/carb intake may help.  Also keep in mind that not getting enough sleep can really impact weight loss.  Doing some moderate excercise...like stretches, crunches, light excercise ball stuff could help too and aren't likely to hinder your supply!

Sorry I can't be much more help, but I wanted to let you know that you are NOT alone!!!
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My son sleeps on his tummy every night. And naps during the day.  It's the only way he'll sleep. Im also BFing and he sleeps in his crib three feet away from our bed. We have one of those movement/breathing monitors that flashes or ticks every time he breathes and an alarm goes off after 20 sec if he stops breathing. It helps me  sleep better at night.
I'm also trying to lose the last of my baby weight. I gained 45 and lost 30-35 of it. But can't seem to lose those last ten pesky pounds. All my clothes feel too tight. I'm used to being 125-130 at the heaviest. But ive been taking him for walks as much as possible and doing some sit-ups at home. I try to eat smaller healthier meals more frequently. Some days it seems like it helps and others not so much. If I find anything that can help more I'll let you know!
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Aww, what a cutie!! You know if she sleeps better on her tummy then I'd say so be it! So many of us slept on our tummies as babies and here we are!! Plus, she is able to roll so that's good too! Also, many babies have to sleep on their tummy for health reasons and the doctors approve or even suggest it!

With the weight thing, I've heard that many mom's find it easier to loose the weight while breastfeeding. I gained about 40lbs with Brady and lost 30 right away within the first week or two! Then I had the last 10!! Ugh, dreaded last 10LBS is where I kinda hit the plateau! Since cutting out dairy I've been keeping an extra 5 off! I HATE HATE HATE the muffin top though...my hips had widened as well so my old jeans fit but are tight and not so nice looking! My big problem is that most of my shirts are too small since I've gone from a 36B to a 36D...blah!!
I have a Wii program that I was doing since it was winter but now it's starting to get nice here and my big plan is to start taking Brady for walks through the trails or even going after he's sleeping and leave him with DH. I'm also going to start taking Zumba classes in April.

I think you could do it without changing your diet too much. There's a website called babyfit.com that is great and you can track everything on. It's for staying healthy while pregnant or while breastfeeding and you can join chats and do weekly weigh in's!
Just remember...she's only 3 1/2 months old! It'll take time but you can do it!!
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I am sorry you are going through this.  I always feel this way right after having a baby.  I hate even getting in the shower because I feel like a fat blob.  I seem to eventually lose it, but it takes a good year to lose it all.

I did want to tell you that you ABSOLUTELY can diet and exercise while you are BFing.  It is perfectly healthy and your milk supply should be just fine.  I have a website bookmarked.  I will PM you with it because it will probably star it out.

Good luck and keep your head up :)  I know it's hard and frustrating.  
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I tried getting on that website I mentioned but it no longer exists.  I did google it again and found some basic info.  I checked multiple sites and they all say about the same thing.


Even though this is from like 2003, I read through about 5 sites and they all say very similar things.  

You can def eat healthy and still BF successfully.  It is important to have good calorie intake, but it doesn't have to be "bad" calories.  Lean meats, fruits and veggies, healthy cereals and some good dairy.  Be sure to get a good supportive bra/sports bra.  After you exercise, try to be able to cool off before nursing again.  Many babies don't like to nurse right after you exercise and my best guess is it's the sweat.  I'm sure it doesn't taste too good :)

Also remember that it takes time to lose the weight, just as it took time to gain it.  

Again, good luck!  I will be going through this come the end of August.  Can't wait either.  NOT!!
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Have you considered weight watchers? They do have programs for breastfeeding mommas. I have used it twice, and both times with success, although not while breastfeeding. I stand strongly behind WW. And they have changed it where you can eat as much fruits and veggies as you want (most count as 0 points). It taught me how to eat. Once I started following it, I was shocked at the difference between what I had been eating and what it taught me- I'm surprised I wasn't gaining fast prior.
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