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Weight loss in 3rd trimestee

Im concerned about my weight.  I was weighing in early this week at around 115-116.  The last 48 hours i am weighing in around 113. 5-114.  My scale is not that accurate on numbers but i have used it to just ensure the number has been going up.  With being underweight and having a small baby i cant afford to lose weight or not gain.  I dont know what to think.  Ihave not change my activity lvl or eating.  Im not even sûre how to increase my calorie intake at this point since i already feel like im eating all the time and force myself to have snacks throughout the day and evening. As well,  i almost puked at breakfast today out of no where,  i didnt but it was weird. And probably unrelated but i passed a very some white stringy piece of discharge that was solid.  Im 28 weeks 4 days
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I thought about ensure but I figured I would wait until  I go back to the OB and see if they say.. They can give your coupons and free samples of ensure if needed....  I know its not a huge jump down but I really cant afford to lose the weight...

Thank you for the tops Ash.. I follow alot of those know but perhaps when I have my fruit, ill have it with peanut butter, etc more often...  I have been having a glass of whole milk for most of my pregnancy but  I have been thinking of increasing it to 1 1/2 to2 for the third trimester.. I did that yesterday...

Hopefully maybe it is just an off week but if it doesnt seem like I have gained enough weight by my next appointment, ill speak to my doctor about the possibility of including an ensure in my daily diet
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You could start drinking Ensure to increase your caloric and nutritional intake....that's what they recommend if you're losing weight during pregnancy.

With that being said....I would talk to my doc since you are so small, you can't afford to lose a lot...but I wouldn't worry in the meantime. Just up your calorie intake by eating more caloric food, not by eating MORE. And that doesn't mean like chips...although you're fine to eat whatever, lol, but find things that are starchy carbs that are high in calorie and also easy to digest such as mashed potatoes, potato soups, broccoli and cheese soup (but omg take a gas-x or something when you do LOL broccoli and pregnancy = gas from heck).

nibble on cheese during the day...eat apples with REGULAR (not low- or non-fat) yogurt..or dip apples in peanut butter, or melted caramel...make sure you're drinking at least a glass of whole milk a day, drink juice instead of water....etc.

Just make sure nothing in your house reads "light", "low-fat" or "fat free"...I'm serious! And make sure you don't use sugar substitutes because pure cane sugar is not only less chemicals in your body but it's higher in calories.

I had to do the same thing at the end of both of my pregnancies because I began losing weight rapidly, but I'm DEFINITELY not underweight.
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I wouldn't worry about it, it is not a huge weight lose,  if you continue to lose weight then go to your doctor to find out why you may be losing weight.  Keep up with the snacks & meals.  Are you taking prenatal vitamins??  I see your from good old Canada..me too Im from SK, where you from??
Hope this helps ;)
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