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Who Remembers the Day they got pregnant ???


I remember like yesterday. It was January 7 th & my SO and I where playing " Phase 10 " for shots , Of course I lost lol ... Long story short I didn't wanna " Get off " ! January 25 I sent him to the store for a test ( I was 1day late ) ... I cried & handed him the + test ; We were so excited !

Does anybody else remember the Exact day they found out ??? How did you tell your SO ?
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Yes maam! It was the weekend before thanksgiving and me and my hubby got a bottle of jager and drank some. we had stopped our birth control and i told him i had a strong feeling i would get pregnant that night and sure enough 2 weeks later i have a positive prego test! I must say though it was some of the best sex and im happy i can remember how amazing our conception nite was :) ( i just wish sex was easier now! Im 31 weeks and its getting difficult lol)
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I remember the day i found out :) i concieved feb 24 but didnt take a test til late march 23rd.
I actually had a weird hunch, but i took a test RIGHT after having sex with my bf an getting spotting.. it scared me.
It was positive, and I remember sitting with him on the stairs in complete Awh that we were having a baby together haha. It's exciting :)
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After that nite i was so sure i was pregnant so i took a test really early i found out Nov. 30th and the doctor told me i didnt even miss my period till Dec. 10th i didnt realize you could even test positive that early but its possible!
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i remember exactly :) me and my husband had a "talk" a few weeks earlier about wanting a baby but not wanting to actually TRY for a baby since that would be stressful, but that we would just stop prevention and let nature runs its course. well, that talk seemed to make us suuuper.... attracted... to each other. we went on a romantic beach trip the weekend before my period was due and i had a brown spot when i went to wipe after using potty and beer (which i normally LOVE) tasted absolutely horrible. we decided to take a test the next day and i got all positives :) here i am now, due on tuesday with our baby girl, Kiley Laine. i have two stepboys (from his previous marriage) that are super excited about their baby sister. wish she'd hurry up though... lol!
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AWWWW ! :D I love these stories . Congrats ladies

& FirstUterally Good luck :)
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My bday weekend sept 30 baby daddy and I had too much to drink
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I remember! :) we had two family Christmas parties to go to, me and my husband are always running late(mainly bc we are always trying to squeeze in some lovin;)) we had a quick little session and went out the door.. A few weeks later I was feelig funny but just thought I had a bug... But it didn't go away lol I went to take some medicine and decided I'd take a pregnancy test before I did, just incase. I was on the phone with my best friend when I glance down at it! Holllly cow it was positive! Lol all three of us were screaming and crying. Love it! :)
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Thanksgiving day, I felt bad because he had to work. Lol
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Remember both times. January 2,2009 I dressed up in my gangster girl Halloween outfit. Then February 19, 2012, it was date night that included a nice meal and alcohol lol. Sex ia a rarity out our house so it's easy to remember lol
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I'm so glad mine wasn't the only one consisting of alcohol lol but mines was September 10 and we had gone out that night we both were feeling good from all the alcohol and I remeber thinking this is the best sex ever lol and two weeks later! Positive!(:
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thank you so much, Js_Queen :)
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I can't remember the conception of my first child but I remember the shock and horror when I found out, I was 18 and had a long term bf but was no way ready for a child, I cryed myself to sleep many nights, needles to say my bf didn't stick around, but I now have a wonderful 7 year old boy, the best shock of my life, I remember finding out about baby 2 my husband and I talked long and hard about how it would be nice to have a baby together, unfortunately our first attempt ended in a miscarriage, I will never forget that day, baby 3 a boy was concieved 3 months later did not expect to get pregnant so soon as we decided not to try again for a while we were still morning the loss, baby 4 is due in 10 weeks I got pregnant 6 months after the birth of our son, we where not planning on having another but wow we are over the moon, my family is complete, it has been a hard time full of tears and sorrow, but my husband and my children are my world I'm so unbelievably lucky to have what I have, being a mother is the greatest, x
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I remember very well with my first cause it was my wedding night. This one it was 3 days before my bday
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well to start off=), last year i had a D&C july 26th because i miscarried but august 16th i met my new BF=). we both wanted a baby so for 2 months we tried and nothing happened then on the next month when we stopped trying and got pregnant but the reason i did an test is because my son kept on lifting up my shirt, kissing my belly and maybe just a little bit clingy to me more and not only that i was just doing the test out of for fun because of the disappointments i had, so i test november 28th 2011 in the after noon like around 11:00am or 12:00pm and it was 9dpo and it came up positive i had to go ask my mom and her friend if they saw a line because i could not belive it i asked them is that a faint line i see or is it just playing tricks on me and they said nope its there and i was exactly 3 weeks pregnant so after that i called my BF and told him that i was pregnant and he didnt belive me and he said he wanted the picture of it so i sent him a txt of the HPT and im like so what do you think then he said well i need another one to make sure it is yours lol and im like it is i will show you the negitive test compared to the positive test but come to find out after calling him he was already calling his friends saying that he was going to be a daddy. he didnt sound too excited when he was talking to me but i guess he was pretty excited because he called all of his friends, but now im 31w4d=) this is his second baby but my 3rd.
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Ours was a drunken night in October with way too many beers...and the pull out method doesn't work :)
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In February I stopped my bc &' had my first normal period immediately after in march .. April 1st my bf played a bad april fools joke &' we ended up "makin up" .. my period was supposed to come on the 12th but didn't so on the 13th ( friday the 13 lol) I took a test &: we're expecting our first baby December 23rd!
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Oh I remember lol My bf and I decided we wanted a baby but with no pressures to get pregnant so we let nature take its course and if it happened it happened. We went out with a couple friends got completely wasted, like we were a couple of teenagers that couldn't keep our hands off each other. The next weekend was Halloween and we went out the 29th to celebrate and the beer just didn't taste right so I cut myself off, my period was due Nov 2 so I wasn't late but I knew something was off. The day my period was due I went out and bought a test and came home and took it. It wasn't even a minute after it turned positive and I just sat there stunned. I yelled for my bf to come into the bathroom and his response was "um no, i don't know what your doing in there!" I yelled back to get his a** in there so he finally did. He looked down at the test a turned white. Needless to say we didn't have to wait very long to get pregnant lol We're due July 12 but he's looking like he doesn't want to wait that long cause I was already admitted once for contractions :)
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Sure do! Had positive OpK and O pain, told DF to hurry up and get home to get it going lol.
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I remember exactly. It was the 28th of January. We had been trying to get pregnant for about 2 years and I had just had test that week to check for infertilty so I’d pretty much lost all hope. I was getting ready to go out for a big dinner with about 15 of my friends that night. I was just out of the shower and felt a pain in my ovary I had one ovulation test left and decided what the hell I’ll take it and it came out positive. I got the hubby straight up to bed and we did the dance :)

That night I went out with my friends had a lovely meal and ended up going to a gay bar (most of my friends are gay), got very drunk and ended up partying with a load of drag queens. It was very blurry night

For the first month in like 2 years I never bothered to do any symptom spotting during the tww I just forgot about it, then I was driving home from work two weeks later and I felt dizzy but just tried to ignore it cuz I didn’t want to get my hopes up. The next morning I decided to do a first response as I had one and to my complete shock after 2 years of neg tests I finally got that positive :) and i'm now 22 weeks with a baby girl
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Aw ! These stories are wonderful :) Congratulations ladies .
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In November I got another ovarian cyst after trying to get pregnant for over a year so at that point we gave up and decided drs were right and I couldn't have kids.. on Christmas we got wasted and had a long amazing night together the next month after I was late only 5 days he looked at me and told me I was pregnant I called him a liar and laughed it off.. 2 days later took an old test we had left over from another time we thought I was and BAM I was pregnant I'm now 25 weeks with our beautiful healthy baby girl.:-) :-)
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I remember that night like it was yesterday! And not for reasons some may think. This baby was 500% not planned I wanted more kids eventually but I felt as if it wasn't my time at the moment lol. That week I had lost my birth control pills and told bf NO SEX because I didn't want to risk getting pregnant. Well I went out for my friends bday and got completely wasted and agreed sex was ok as long as we used a condom. IT BROKE! Just my luck the next morning I head to cvs fot the plan b pill not even 12 hours later and popped it immediately after buying it. Well three weeks later still no period but didn't worry to much about it because I know the plan b can throw your cycle off. Well someone had suggested I take a test just to be on the safe side and five positives later (I wasn't convinced til my blood test lol) I'm expecting a little girl in october. I guess that was fate telling me she's meant to be here lol
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Thanksgiving night!! He was at my house waiting for me!! :)
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i still remember back in late nov we talked about having another and husband said well we are not going to try but we arent going to not try and lets just see what happends but dec was a very stressfull and sad time as i lost my uncle(he stoped breathing) and i for surly thought we were out as we only had bd 1x on the 16th and litterlly he was barly in (tmi i know)
well xmas eve i was really sick puking and such took a test negitive (wasnt late yet as af wasnt due till jan 1) but i couldnt shake the sick feeling so on dec 27th took another fmu and it said pregnant right away (digital) was so in disbeleif and to this day i think my late uncle had something to do with this pregnancy and thats why we are naming this baby after him
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