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after labor

I just realized while I was packing I have no idea what I am going to need after I give birth for myself at home. I have tried to find a list online and it just gives me a supply and demand info. If you could please let me know some tricks to feel better and what kind of pads I should use soaps for down there and whatever else I will need once I get home that would be great.
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Hi, Have maternity pads
     normal pads for lighter bleeding
     Breast pads if you intend to breast feed.
     Comfy undies
     maternity bras
     loose comfy clothes
     Soap is fine whichever one you use
     plenty of changes for your sheets incase you bleed a bit.
     Baby wash
     Baby clothes detergent for washing bubs clothes
     nappy rash cream
     nipple cream
     stretch mark cream bio oil
     nappys for baby
     cloth nappys put under baby's head save you from washing sheets everyday.
      plenty of easy to make healthy food for yourself
      take fresh fruit to hospital with you
     plenty of tops that are big and easy to pullup for feeding
      plenty of healthy drinks like juice.
      a breast feeding vitamin
      Take care and have a great birth
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That's a really good list :-)

I did want to add a few things to it....

1 - I wouldn't recommend putting the cloth diaper under the baby's face to avoid having to change the sheets...you'd be surprised how strong little newborns can be when they're wriggling at night - just have a lot of extra sheets, and be comfortable with the fact that you don't have to change every single spit-up sheet....it's OK to use it 2 nights in a row if it doesn't smell rank.
2 - instead of having extra sheets for the bed, buy a few dark towels (cheaper) that you can lie under your hips when you're sleeping at night...that way if you DO bleed through, it won't show on the towels, and you won't be changing your bedding twice a night!
3 - your pediatrician's number close at hand. you probably won't need it..but it will feel good to have!!
4- some sort of a support system above and beyond hubby...family nearby? friends? someone who can come spell you if you're tired or overwrought.
5 - someone who is close to you who will call you every day and do what I call a post-partum check-list..they will talk to you and make sure you're handling things ok and be informed about the risks and warning signs for post-partum depression. post-partum blues are normal, but you should always have at least one close person who can monitor you for more just in case :-).
6- some meals that you've made before hand and frozen in the freezer....hubby will thank you, and so will your belly when you're exhausted after a night of breast-feeding but need to eat to keep your calories up.
7- i've heard that a belly band is a really good thing to buy...it's supposed to support the muscles and not only help them shrink back down more quickly, but give you some support and relief while they do so..I've never used one, but I've heard good things.
8- some good movies and books to give you something to distract yourself if you find things getting a bit hectic.

remember to take quiet time for yourself when the baby is asleep..laundry doesn't always need to be done, food doesn't always need to be gourmet..it's OK to just say "the house is a mess and it's OK" and just take a nap.  

as far as soaps go to clean after that....most likely you will be given a peri-bottle. it's a little bottle that you will fill with water and you will squirt it directly on your vagina while and immediately after you pee to help clean (and it eases the sting of peeing if you're swollen as well). you shouldn't use anything beyond that and the absolutely MILDEST of soaps for at least a week, if not 2, to reduce the risk of irritation - your doctor will advise you of this. the mild soaps include Dove (the white kind, the original) and the kind the hospital offers you. Everything else has the potential to irritate and sting.

as far as pads go..make sure they are unscented! the scented kind can make it burn like fire.

you might want to keep a stock of light broths/soups and drinks like cola and ginger ale (although be mindful of the caffeine if you breastfeed) because your stomach may retain some tenderness after delivery, but it's vital to keep up your calorie intake even if you don't breastfeed.

There's a lot more I'm not thinking of, and meli gave you a great list - I'm sure some other girls will come along to supplement us soon with some more advice, lol :-)
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You may want to make sure you also have an icepack- like the gel filled ones. If you have stitches or if you are swollen down there you will want one!!
I never realized how much pain I would be in afterward! Not saying you will but you never know! Make sure you have ibuprofin and acetometophin (sp?) on hand!!
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OH! thank you Heather that reminds me!!! the best thing that I was EVER taught about post-partum care was from the nurses after my daughter was born...

I tore in so many directions that they had to use medical mesh to piece me back together and the pain was horrid..the swelling was unbelievable...so they would take diapers (yes, diapers! newborn kind because they have no scents or dyes)...fill them with water, freeze them, and tuck them in my undies. you have to put a towel under your hips when you use them because they do drip a little as they melt, but they last FOREVER because the gel stuff stays frozen a long time....and you can put them directly on your skin without worrying about frostburn...and they're not hard on your swollen skin like ice because the gel is malleable...and then toss them out when you're done.

I used them after my 2nd as well even though all I had was the teeniest episiotomy (ironically, to cut through the mesh from baby #1's delivery lol)...just bought a single pack of newborn diapers and used them until the swelling was gone..it was awesome.
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Ooooh...good idea with the newborn diapers!!! The hospital I was at had ice packs that you open up and snap a thing inside and shake it and it stayed cold for a while but not very long!
I feel your pain lady! I have 20+ stitches and only 3 of them were on the outside. It felt like a baseball down there I was so swollen! I couldn't sit right for like 3 weeks!!!!
I'm totally using that diaper idea for next time!! Hopefully for my next one I wont tear like that!!
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omg i like the newborn diaper idea. When had my son  my second child i torn so bad i lost count at how many stiches it took to put me back together but he was ten pounds !!!!! my third i only had three stitches all together so it was totally different. I  am so using that idea though if i tear bad.  After i had my  last one the nurses had made me a ice pack using frozen faceclothes wrapped aroung a gel ice pack  and that was something i used right after delivery and it actually felt great never thought sitting on ice would make aperson so happy lol .

  They also total me to have supply of tucks pads in case of hemroids (sp?)  for after delivery  they gave me some at the hospital but i always make sure to have them on hand at home  they always made thing feel better in that area
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