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any one have any good way to start labour

well im really tired of being prego i want this baby to come out now im 38 weeks starting to get really stressed out my boyfriend is always drinking cause he thinks this baby is not his and i just want to go into labour now plz help my doctor said to drink castor oil but with my forst baby i never work and i dont want to try it again and i heard if you drink ginger tea it can start ur labour has anyone ever tryed that
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The best way that i have seen to start labor is to let it come. If your boyfriend is drinking alot and everything, maybe you should work that out before bringing the baby into that environment. My mom drank castor oil with my sister and it also is a type of laxative, which also effects the baby, so my sister had a bowel movement while my mom was in labor and she breathed it in and was on treatment in the hospital for 2 weeks because of it, so i would definitely not recommend that.  It was completely normal at 38 weeks to want it to be out, but you waited this long, whats another two weeks?
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I'm 38w2d as of today and i can understand ur state of mind...but plz dnt try castor oil as it'll only give u diarrhea...da best way is to let it be as da baby will come whenever he/she is ready to come out....but da safer ways to try are having spicy food, walking, having sex(according to some websites)...i'm trying da spicy food and walking thingy but dont think they're helping much lol...so i'm just kinda trying to relax and enjoy these last few days of pregnancy as after da baby comes u wont get ne time for urself...also try to ignore ur bf and pamper urself....

Hope to hear frm u soon...and all da best :-)
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i tried everything excet for xastor oil...can be dangerous very very dangerous...you usually get the runs, some get sick the reason why you go in labour is because you are not well hydrated due to the castor oil..some say it worked but i dont believe in it...i walked, i sat on a trampoline while my friend lightly jumped-nothing hard of course she was pretty nice...i washed my floors like 1-2 times a day n i was still a week late lol
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I had my baby #4 9/21/07 I was 38 1/2 wks.
What put me in labor w/o knowing was sex.
I went to hospital cause I wasn't feeling right, according to their monitor I was not in labor, but when I got there I was 4 cm, an hr. later i was 6cm, nurse was confused considering they were not showing on the moniter. My midwife came in , she asked the nurse if she broke my water by accident, she said no. To make a long story short, I had a high leak, sex did it for once. After 3 hrs & 6min. of labor and a difficult delivery I had my daughter.
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I tried everything to go into labor. Nothing seemed to work though. I was a week late. Anyways, I was watching Maternity Ward on t.v. the other day and an almost due mom was wanting to get a massage done but her midwife told her that she has to becareful because if the massause' (don't know how to spell that) massages in a certain area around the ankle it could put her into labor.
   This is weird but I also heard that massaging your nipples could do it too. I guess the nipple massage makes your body produce pitocin which is what gives you contractions. It's also what gives and keeps your milk coming in. I did hear, though, that you have to massage them for a long time.
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Theres tons of things ppl say will work, doesnt mean they will. Just wait your baby will come when its suppose to! Unless of course you were to get induced.
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I'm 39 weeks and I understand wanting to finally meet your baby. But it will come out when it is ready. He/she is in there for a reason and the best thing to do is just be patient. Trying to induce labor could cause serious problems for your baby so why take the chance. If you're 38 weeks then you don't have much longer to go and like threebabies3 said if you aren't getting along with your boyfriend and he's drinking do you really want to bring that baby into the world before you have a chance to try and fix things. Because the baby coming is only going to cause more stress.
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horse back riding worked for my couseine when she was past due.
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SEX.....but, if your boyfriend is drinking and also doesnt't think the baby is his...you may not want to do this..... nipple stimulation may also work....good luck....Jacquie
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Avoid the massage or nipple stimulation, those should only be done under close supervision of trained medical staff.
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I tried walking and doing squats.  (I think that is what it was.)  I went into the hospital the next day, but I didnt have my child.  He was late, and they had to induce me.  I wouldnt recommend drinking the oil bcuz I have only heard bad things about it.  Sex never worked for me, and the nipple stimulation I heard should not be done unless the doc says it is okay.  If you are that anxious, talk to your doc.  They might let you go early.  My doc was going to with my second child, but she didnt because I think she forgot.  I wish she would have taken her early because she ended up being 9 days late (which was on my sons first birthday).  Good luck, and hopefully the doc will help you out.  Waiting is really difficult.
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nipple stimulation will only work if u can do that 3 hrs daily for a week...that's 21 hrs of playing wid ur nipples...lol...but they say even if u hav dat kinda time and energy u shudn't try dat as it can start very very strong contractions as it releases da hormone calles oxytocin(or sumthin like dat which is also artificially used to induce labour at hospitals)...so as andi said it shud be done under medical supervision only...
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well i tryed sex and it dont seem to help so i give up i guess he will come out when he wants to lol
but now im here sick with the flu and it sucks cause i cant take anything and i cant rest cause i have a 2 year old im always on the go
so does any one know want i can do about this flu of mine i want to be all better by tomorrow lol like that is going to happen

welll thanks everybody for responding back
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Full moon tonight. Maybe that'll help.
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well still no baby no pains nothing just this damn flu sucks maybe i should try the sex thing every night lol
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Many women experience flulike symproms before going into labor.
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no labour yet
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sex or walking a lot
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i live in a bldg with 4 floors so i think im going to start walking up and down the stairs do u think that might start my labour
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OMG I tried everything! At 38 weeks I was measuring at 41 1/2 weeks, to give you a good idea of how I felt. My dad had a brain tumor 10 days before I had my son, so I had been spending most of my time out of town living in a hospital waiting room. I was so stressed out and huge. It was July and I was hot. My dad had two brain surgeries and we all had to say goodbye in case he didn't make it. It was the worst month of my life. On top of that, my husband was out of town for work for the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy.

I tried everything to start labor! Sex, raspberry tea, ginger tea, bouncing for hours on an exercise ball, using a breastpump (painful) because it produces hormones that can bring on labor. I did everything!

You know what finally worked? I sat in my OB's exam room and cried my eyes out. I told him I couldn't do it anymore. He said that my blood pressure was a little high so he wanted me to drive down to the hospital to get it monitored. My husband was still out of town for work, but it was Friday so he had already left to come home for the weekend. I got to the hospital and the nurse made me change and told me that my doc had called and told them to induce me. What a guy!
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I went into labor 3 weeks early and I think it was from orgasms.  I had a huge sex drive while pregnant and we did it all the time.  My next baby I will hold off on sex since my baby was only 4 pounds 14 oz.  She was too tiny but very healthy.  I also was working out still.  I think the baby really picks their own birthday! (unless scheduled c section then the baby doesn't get to choose their own bday!)  Good luck!  The whole experience of labor and delivery was very exciting fo rme!
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well everyone i never tryed the sex like that
but i did just go into labour on the 29th of dec
my water just broke that morning about 9 i went to the hosptal at 10 -10:30
and i had my baby boy at 4:58 pm im so happy to have him out and here at home with us and everything is going great with me and my b/f  he never drank since we had or baby i think he was just scared cause it is his first baby thanks again everybody for responding back and HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL
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Hey girl insert evening primrose oil vaginaly that will help efface your cervix and will start the dilation process. Ginger tea is said to help bring on labor. Drink two cups every night for a few nights and see what happens. Boil fresh ginger pieces in water or milk untill until it comes to a boil. Add sugar to your pleasing. I'm drinking some right now and will update Tom. As for your boyfriend sorry but what a complete jerk you deffenatly don't need a luzer like that stressing you out right now in your time of great need. Good luck!!!
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