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bananas && oranges!!

My doctor is really concerned about my weight gain. She's constantly telling that I have to take care of myself and my baby and all that stuff. Every time I go to my appointment I gain about 11 pounds, and that's just in a month. She got really upset and so now I am watching what I'm eating,and I've been eating plenty of fruits like bananas oranges and apples, and I've been doing workouts a little squatting nothing hard. So as I go to my appointment I was obviously expecting a big difference since I changed alot my routine and my diet but nope my appointment was set for 2 wks after my last and I had gain 10 pounds :( yeah 10 pounds in just 2 weeks. Doctor obviously got upset and so did I because I believed I had worked hard to take care of my baby and I. I told the doctor about all I did then she informed me that what was causing me to gain so much weight were the bananas and oranges :( I had been stuffing my face eating nothing of them without knowing there not all that healthy in pregnancy :( doctor said only thing is good is apples and all fruits ending with berry, like strawberries and so on,did any of you ladies know about this? has your doctor said the opposite? now I really want melon but I'm wondering if it's not that healthy either? hmmm
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Fruits are carbs! You need to be eating a lot of veggies, fruits may seem healthy but if you are gaining weight that fast I would eat less of them and incorporate a lot more veggies
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Thanks, what vegetables would you recommend??
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Any veggies that you like, fruits just have much sugar that the can be causing you to gain a lot because sugar is carbs and to many carbs is bad but veggies have hardly any carbs. Green beans, broccoli, spinach, anything green is great for you. Just stay away from corn because that is more of a starch.
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Thank you c_woody91 green it is (:
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Any veggies hun especially broccoli for the iron and spinach. Eat lots of salads with boiled eggs and chicken or other meats, veggies. You can do low carb and be healthier. Drink lots of water cut down on any juice and soda. "Sometimes" that could be a sign of Gestational Diabetes. Good luck hun
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Thank you RN_JC as a matter of fact I'm low in iron, doctor already gave me pills. And now that you mentioned salads with boiled eggs and chicken, gosh I want it! Lol (:.. thanks && goodluck on your pregnancy as Well
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Kiwi, cucumber, grapes, etc. Spinach is really good, so is kale!
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Thank you doulamommy
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How much weight have you gained all together? & how far along are you?
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I'm 32 wks and I've gained about 30. I'm weighing 173
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I gained 45 and Im 37 wks at 180 lbs. Its okay that you've gained that much, my doctor never once told me it was bad.
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Also look at how much you eat... You could eat all the healthiest foods but if you are consuming too much of them you will still gain weight. Remember that during pregnancy (after the first trimester) you only need about 300 extra calories a day. That's one candy bar.
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