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being a month along and having a cold?

I just recently found out, I'm about a month along, just in time for me to get a cold/chest cold. I woke up this morning with horrible cramps, but no blood. I was coughing horribly throughout the night. Is it possible for me to strain myself from coughin, or maybe even miscarry? Anyone that can help me I would gladly appreciate it.
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I was told by my midwife that during pregnancy, your immune system is somewhat suppressed and unfortunately that means, especially in winter time, we can get sick a lot easier than we normally would.

Coughing will not cause you to miscarry. I have had several colds/flu-like symptoms so far and had coughing fits for a week after them. My stomach just felt like I had done an ab workout form coughing so much. I was told to just use more natural meds to soothe my throat.
Also, cramping in early pregnancy is quite normal. When it's associated with bleeding, is when it's not a good sign. Usually in early pregnancy, it can feel like menstrual cramps. I always felt like I was going to get my period when I first found out I was preggo. Hang in there! I know it's miserable being sick and pregnant.
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thank you for replyin to me! It made me worried cause the cramps hurt pretty bad, but I didnt have blood. Im almost 19 and have miscarried once, so Im doin all I can to make sure it doesnt happen again without being overly paranoid! Thank you again for lettin me know!
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I had several sinus infections while pregnant that required antibiotics. I took benadryl for it for a week before my midwife called out the meds. I would try some benadryl if I were you to speed things up a bit. The cramping is probably from the cough and it won't cause you to miscarry. If they get very severe you should notify your doctor to make sure it's not ectopic. Also call them if you begin to bleed. Good Luck with your pregnancy! H&H9M!
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I am in the same boat as you. I just found out I am 5 weeks and 3 days. I have had a horrible cold for about a week. I have not taken anything for it. Mostly nasal congestion and coiughing. The coughing hurts, I think because I am so worried. I have been reading about coughing and sneezing and the effects on an unborn baby and it sounds like the baby is very protected inside us. (Big Bonus)

On a side note, i have been sucking on cogh drops and using a neti pot (it's the only thing that I am trusting right now) and it is helping with my congestion. Good Luck and feel better
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Thank you so much! my dad was tryin to put medicine down my throat, and I havent told him yet, so he couldnt figure out why I was turniin medicine, lol. right now, im dealin with a terrible backache. :/ and I cant seem to find my heating pad. Well as long as they're well protected in us, Im a happy camper! thank you for letting me know (: I think its time for me and the father to take a trip to the library. If you guys have ANY more advice for me, I'd love to hear it!

Thank you once again!
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