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breastfeeding & saggy breasts?

so i have an odd question...just wanted to get some input from the ladies out there that have had babies. did breastfeeding make your breasts sag more? ive heard that not breastfeeding causes them to sag but ive also heard that breastfeeding does too. i know that they will change some just from pregnancy..but how do the change relating to breastfeeding?? any experiences would be appreciated!!
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Ive been getting alot of heartburn and at first it was just annoying, but now it's like this bubble in my chest that makes me think im hungry. I just finished eating and I feel hungry. It started yesterday and hasn't gone away.I get it from the moment I wake up til the moment I go to bed. I also find it very hard to fall asleep at night. I cant seem to get comfortable. For 2weeks now I feel nausea all day every day. I feel like I need to throw up and nothing comes out!!!!. I just wish I would and get it over with already!! These last couple of days I feel dizzy...I can't stay on the computer for long cause then it gets worse and I get a headache.

What are your symptoms and how far along are you?
I'm 7 weeks and feeling horrible!!! But I guess it can be worse :)
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sorry i dont know how this ended up here....it was supposed to be a new post/
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I have breastfeed three children and two till age two. It does tno make your breast sag!!! Ok now I am a 32 E so I am very large as it is but they are perky and do not sag at all! I got them ove rhte summer when I was 11. Yes this big at 11. Runs in the family. SO my grandma pulled me aside (side is very big too) (mind you my whole fmaily but just the boobs) So anyway she pulls me aside and tells me to always wear a bra even at night or I would get saggy boobs. SO I have done just that! UNderwire too. I make sure it goes inbetween my boobs and totally inderneath them and isf itted correctly. Lots of my dr's have asked if I haave had a boob job cause they are in good shape. SO this is my gandmas theory and mine. Wear a good supporting bra and you won't get saggy boobs. It has nothing to do with breastfeeding. Your breasts will feel some different after awhile of nursing form the milk fillling in the ducts but it is not a bad thing and will not stay.
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Um nooo!!!!!! actually, whether or not you breastfeed, you will get your milk in on about day3............. i went from a c to DD........... and thats when changes can happen. but breastfeeding will absolutly not cause any sagging..........
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I guess it depends on your body. Mine are a bit saggier than they used to be. I breastfed 2 children and am pregnant with my third. I am a bit chesty though (40 DD) so like i said, i guess it depends on your bod.
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i am not a chesty woman by any means and mine got saggier after breastfeeding two babys! I dont think breastfeeding does it..i think them gettting big and then when you stop maby makes them a bit saggier! Not much though but i will tell you that breast is best for baby! :) im a high believer in breastfeeding!
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i pumped and i am a small breasted woman to beging with and mine are totally saggy compared to what they used to be.
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NOt sure if you were talking to me with the NO but I had my milk in when I had my children but I was referring to later on when your milk would come in my boobs felt softer then when I first started nursing even though they were full. Unlike the hard like a rock feeling when my milk was in. LOL You know that first look that makes us all look like we have fake boobs:)
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LOL.... no hunnie i was talking to the person who put up this question.......
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Ahhhh I've been worrying about this too! I like my boobs now & dont want them to be saggy, but I def wanna breastfeed!....
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iive had 1 child shes now 1 i breastfed for about 2months, im not 30weeks pregnant again and my.breast a still saggy from my first child, wen i lay down they are saggy and look like a 70yr olds breast.
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