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I posted a few weeks ago about pressure feeling in my lower abdomen but tonight its not the usual feeling a get. I have some lower back pain which has been on and off the last few weeks but now I have the lower back pain along with cramps. I am 26 weeks is it normal to have cramps right now?
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It can be, yes. Your uterus is growing and expanding as the baby grows larger. This is going to put pressure on your entire lower portion of your body. Sometimes though these cramps can actually be contractions and as you're too early for baby to come this would be dangerous. Does it feel like a squeezing pain at all, or just normal menstrual cramps. For reassurance, you can also phone L&D or your doctor and explain the pain to them and see what they say about it.
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It felt like regular menstrual cramps they have eased up a little now. Maybe baby was pinching me or something he's been really active the last two days and I can see him kick thru my clothes.
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Most likely baby. I had those for weeks, and it was horrible. I used to carry around a hot water bottle and would press it up against where the pain was and it helped a bit. Try a warm bath or hot water bottle and see how that helps. I hope you start to feel better soon. :)
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I'm not so sure on thesE cramps anymore happened again early this morning around 430 and I couldn't get any sleep finally fell back to sleep around 530 but when I woke up 615 they started up again and they are painful and sharp. Its not the baby kicks cause I can feel him kicking no where near the pain. Should I go in or wait and see if they go away?
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Do whatever you feel comfortable with. I'd personally suggest going in just to put your mind at ease. Then if they say it's normal, you won't worry about it if it happens again later.
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These cramps seem to be only at night and they are causing me to get no sleep at all. I just want one good night of sleep its starting to interfere with my work and on my days off I'm tired of sleeping most the day. It doesn't matter if I sleep during the day or not I just can't seem to sleep at night and its getting frustrating. Any ideas to help I've tried warm baths different positions different furniture I'm running on empty
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Night is always the worst. Your body gets more settled, things relax and all the weight causes lots of pressure. Are any positions at all comfortable? Lying on your sides, stomach, sleeping sitting up, pillows between the legs. I had acid reflux and would sometimes sleep in a reclining chair, or would prop a ton of pillows behind me and sleep that way. It helped a little bit. Unfortunately there's not too much you can really do. Just try to get as comfortable as possible and sleep as best you can. Hang in there, only a few more months left.
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