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In going for my glucose test tomorrow and I was wondering if it was OK to eat before the test or not. I have heard it was ok but I have also heard that you shouldn't because it will mess the test up. What should I do?
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It is whatever YOUR DOCTOR told you to do.  Every office/lab has different guidelines and you need to follow the ones you were given when they scheduled the test.
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Mine didn't give me explicit instructions about fasting, just a little sugar drink with instructions on it on how to drink it, and I had a Monday morning test so I had to wing it. I ate, just stayed away from carbs and sugars, so had eggs that morning. Mine came back okay, not sure if it was because of what I did/didn't eat that morning.
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I had a totally different experience, my doctor made it extremely clear to eat/drink absolutely nothing for three hours prior to the test. And I got the drink in the lab itself.
My first pregnancy they had me fast for six hours, but they let me take the drink home with me to take the morning of the test.
Thats why you have to make sure you ask your doc, it can be simple like eat some toast and water, or eat nothing at all for "x" amount of time.
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I just got my drink to drink b4 my appt it says don't eat an hr before the test.
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I wasn't allowed to eat for mine.
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My doctor told me to eat light if I wanted too, but nothing with sugar it could mess up the test. She said not eating was fine too. I went early in the morning so I decided to not eat anything before I went.
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Just don't eat anything after 11pm
And go early in the morning maybe at 7 or 8am....
I didnt have any breakfast for the 1 hr my dr didnt tell me not 2....
I still didn't pass the 1hr =(
I had to do the 3 hr test =(
I'm glad I pass the 3 hr =)
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My doctor said fasting wasn't necessary, but stay away from sugary foods. So I ate some meat and eggs for breakfast. But as you see, it's important to ask your doctor because each doctor has their own guidelines.
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I know for the first test i didnt have to fast but then my test was borderline so i had to go for the 3 hour which is a fasting one(and i passed)... so this round im not gonna eat before hand... last time i was worried about how the drink would make me feel and thought if i had something in my stomach that it would help but the drink really wasnt bad so like i said im not gonna eat prior this time...
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i had to be fasting from 10 pm the night before my test. but i suspose u should check with a mid wife.
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I go on Tuesday for my test and im not supposed to eat or drink anything after 12am so they tell u to make an early appointment so u dont have to wait forever to eat or drink again
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I was in the process of switching doctors when I took mine so I didn't know if I could eat or not but on the way to the doc that morning I ate pancakes loaded with syrup from mcdonalds and I passed. My doc said he was amazed that I passed. You should call your doc to be on the safe side
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I actually administer these tests and I believe most of my patients say they come fasting. But yes go early so you don't go too long without eating. If you are feeling nauseous in the morning before the test I think a few salt free saltiness would be harmless. I say better be safe than sorry and go fasting :-)
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I was told to fast and go in for my 8am. They will give me the sugar drink there and draw blood an hour later. My appointment is this coming Tuesday, fingers cross :)
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hi, ive had 2 tests in previous pregnancies and got my test booked in this time for June and my instructions say and have always been do NOT eat anything and only drink water from 10pm the night before. my test is booked in for 9.30 am so i can't eat for almost 12 hours :-( they need to see how your body reacts towards high levels of glucose and some foods and drinks can effect the results so id check with your doctor or midwife xx
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