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herpes or cold sores?:/

So yesterday iposted about this herpes looking stuff under my bottom lip and today i woke up and its starting tp spreading so im going to the dr in a little bit :( I really hope idont have herpes
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A cold sore is herpes. Sorry to.be the bearer of bad news.
There is herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2.
Herpes simplex 1 manifests itself as a cold sore. This is why you will never truly recover and will experience cold sores for the rest of.your life. If you kiss your bf.while you have a cold sore you will.give him herpes. And if.you perform oral sex on him you will give him herpes simplex 2. If you then.have sex while he has an.active case.of herpes he will.give you herpes simplex 2.
Condoms do not protect against herpes.
Also do not kiss your baby if.you ever have a cold sore. As a baby's immune.system. Is not mature enough to fight the disease, and they could become. Seriously ill and.require hospitalisation.
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when your baby is born do NOT kiss or get to close to its face for atleast the first month even if u have NO cold sores/herpes showing!! A baby's immune system can still contract them even if u aren't broke out!  This information of a friend of mime was.told by doctors etc at the hospital
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Plz plz plz do not get close to your child if u have them/one! The baby could go grow Up having them from age 1+ its a sad thing to see bc a child doesn't understand to keep there fingers and hands off of them so they spread them can even spread them to there eyes.
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Ok ugh this ***** ive never had it until now :/ ifeel like pregnancy is just bringing out all kinds of uglt stuff ugh . I hate my life
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Pregnancy does bring out the herpe virus along with a lot of other viruses HPV etc. Its because your immune system is low. Have them checked idk what they may do for u now but after baby they have pills and shots for cold sores. Good luck it will be OK
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Ok thanks hopefully they cam give me something to takenit away for now :/ atleast make the sores go away
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They will give you a dose of meds to take for about a week. I unfortunately contacted the herpes virus from my ex in high school so I might not be able to deliver my baby vaginally because of it. It really does sux and I feel for you hun! It will be ok tho I promise! Just get the pills and the sores will go away :)
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But yes like they were saying above cold sores are herpes just a different strain :/
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Ihope so they gave me a cream for it
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Once you have the baby there are antibiotics that they can give you as well I don't think you can take them while your pregnant though
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80% of the population has heroes type 1 (the type that usually comes out on the lips.) so don't feel bad. Most people just never show symptoms. But yes you can spread it to your bf if you give him oral sex - it won't change the type tho. It would still be considered simplex 1, just in a different location. It's just that simplex 1 usually shows symptoms more on the face and simplex 2 shows symptoms more in the genitals but both can be in either place. You can give it to your baby as well or anyone else by kissing, sharing cups or straws and things like that. I actually have simplex 1 in my eye! I was an orthodontic technician and worked on kids with braces and it wasnt uncommon for their saliva or particles of food caught in their braces to go flying when removing wires and things like that. Well there was a girl who had cold sores in her mouth, her saliva went in my eye, and two weeks later I got a horrible eye infection which lead to three weeks of being completely blind due to a cold sore right over my pupil! Thankfully, herpes likes the mouth better so even tho it could come back in my eye, it's not as reoccuring. So yes it's transferable to the eyes too! Just wash your hands alot, try not to touch your mouth and don't kiss or share drinks with anyone til your sore goes away.
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Even if they go away and aren't visible on you anymore they are still contagious. There contagious up to 2 weeks before u actually SEE the out break or a cold sore /herpe
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