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is it safe to drink coffee while pregnant ?

Hello I'm 19 pregnant with my first and I was wondering if drinking coffee is bad ? I don't drink coffee but some of my family members say it's ok but my mom says it's not and when I smell coffee it makes me want to drink some but haven't drank any because I don't want to risk it . So please let me know if it's bad or not thanks very much
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Wait till your later months.
Caffeine isn't good for early stages since the babies heart rate is so fast you can misscarry.
Sometimes i crave it and i love the smell so much I'll poor 1/4 glass, fix it the way i like, then add water and ice.
I've had a few cups since 21 weeks. I'm 23 weeks now and my baby is always okay.
She doesn't get jittery like she used to with soda at 19weeks.
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Yes it's okay to drink. My doctor said 2 cups a day is safe. A lot of woman have told me that they don't change how much coffee or soda they have when pregnant and didn't have any issues. I usually have 1 cup of coffee a day and every now and then I'll have a soda, I've had some pretty strong cravings for Pepsi! To answer your question... Go ahead and have a cup or two :)
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you can have one or two cups a day.
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I'm 22 weeks by the way and Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it :-) . And also does it have to be decaf ?
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My ob told me to swap to tea because its a little less caffeine per cup and just have one a day. But when I did the preadmission interview at the hospital they gave me a hard time about drinking my one cup of tea a day. I think it really depends on who you talk to. I would just be conscious of how much caffeinated drinks you have a day and try to limit it to one or two.
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Thanks so much I'll keep that in mind :-)
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No it doesn't have to be decaf I have a cup a day and my baby is fine and my mom basically lived off of coffee with all 3 of her pregnancies and we're all just fine.
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Thank you for answering my question :-) I really appreciate it I've been so bummed that I couldn't drink coffee because I love the smell but all these comments really helped ! :-) thanks again ! :-)
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My ob said the same, 1-2 cups is okay.
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It also depends on where you are getting the coffee from. Drs advise no more than 200mg of caffeine a day. A cup of coffee has roughly 120mg of caffeine. And that is instant coffee you make yourself at home. So something like a large mocha or latter from Starbucks would have a lot more. It would still be safe, but just have it once in a while as a treat :)
I don't drink tea or coffee, but I do love soda. And a can of soda has about 80mg of caffeine.
I've mostly been drinking decaffeinated soda, but still have Pepsi or cola sometimes as a treat.
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Actually espresso has less caffeine than regular coffee. At least at Starbucks a grande latte or mocha is the same as a cup of coffee. Just as long as your not adding extra shots.
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Ive been having 1 small cup of coffee a few days a week. I dont drink any soda though. . Only once in a while. And baby girl is doing just fine.
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oh ok :) thank you all for taking the time to comment I really appreciate it ! :D thanks for the advice and info ! :)
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