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mtn dew or monster

How bad is it for u to drink either of those while pregnant I'm 17 weeks tomorrow and I feel bad for filling my baby with caffeine this is baby number 2 and with my first one I hated mtn dew and now I'm back addicted to it like I have been since before either pregnancy. Is it Really that bad for him?
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Ask your Dr about mtn dew(I've never liked it so I don't have info on that) but I'm almost positive monster says on the label for pregnant woman not to drink.
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Monster is very dangerous to drink while pregnant I think recently on the news they talked about pregnant woman that drank it had spontaneous abortion miscarriages I definitely wouldn't advise drinking while pregnant!
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I know it says that's it's not recommended but I don't drink a whole can. Just like half. It's just bc of the caffeine.
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Monster is dangerous and mt. Dew or any large consumption of caffine will make your baby have caffine withdrawl if I'm not mistaken.
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Idk info bout it but in the beginnin of my pregnancy the only thing we had to drink was mountain dew so of course I drank some nd it made ne super sick :/ haven't had one since!
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I've drank Mountain Dew occasionally thru all my pregnancys nd the baby's have been more than perfect. I don't drink them all day everyday but coming from a avid Mountain Dew drinking once a day or every other day compared to the 6-8 I had been drinking before I got pregnant bi would say 1 wouldn't hurt me or the baby. I usually nurse it when I do drink one so its not taking in to much caffeine at once. Now any kind of energy drink I avoid.
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Monsters are very bad for pregnant women which Is why It clearly states on the bottle that It's not Intended for pregnant women. And having too much caffeine period Is bad and the limit Is around 200mg a day which Is about two cups of coffee. Mountain Dew has the most caffeine In any other soda but I do know some soda, In moderation, Is fine. Your baby’s metabolism Is still maturing and cannot fully metabolize the caffeine. I'm more worried about the Monster, that has double the amount of caffeine you should be having. Here's an article about having energy drinks while pregnant.

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Monster and other energy drinks are terrible for you pregnant or not. It's not so much the caffeine but all the other additives in it. Mt dew is not great, but in moderation it shouldn't hurt baby. Just make sure you're also drinking water, because all the sodium and caffeine in soda will dehydrate you. For every 8oz of soda you're taking out 16oz of water from your body.
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