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polycystic ovaries

does any1 no about this condition? i have been told i have polycystic ovaries n its come as a shock it explains loads why iv put so much weight on n why iv not been able to shift it, has any 1 got any clues as to wot the treatment is n how effective it is? iv been referred to a gynaecologist but wont here from them 4 a little while?
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There are a lot of women that have this. It's also called PCOS. I think it's like 1:20 women have it. Or maybe it's 1:10. -shrugs- There is no actual cure for it, but there's a few things that they can do. I believe Clomid is supposed to work well for anyone with PCOS that is trying to conceive. They also work to help women with PCOS lose weight. Dropping it could help to regulate and get a more normal period. I'm sure you'd be able to get better info from anyone that actually has this vs just what I've read about it.
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Hey there is a forum called PCOS that I am part of. I don't know how common it is but it seems to be getting more and more common from what I can tell. The effectiveness is really depending on how bad you have the condition and what course of treatment they put you on. A ton of women control theirs with weight loss and exercise. They can put you on several different medications to control it but like I said before it all depends on how severely you have it. Best of luck!
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Generally the treatment for PCOS is diet, and sometimes with the help of maybe birth control pills and Metformin. Metformin is generally given to those with diabetes, but in many cases it works well with us who have PCOS. I have had PCOS since I found out when I was 21, I might have had it longer...but who knows. And for me, my weight did not just happen overnight. I've been overweight my whole life...I mean I was almost 10lbs when I was born! It took many doctors to figure out what my problem was, as everything just started when I started having sex again in 2007. I guess it must of triggered something in my body and after that in March 2007 I bled the whole month. FInally in April 2007 got some blood work and bam, i had a reason to all of this. Been on Metformin for over 2 years and birth control. At one point I did lose 62lbs...but due to stress, I put about 15 of that back on during the last year. Also, I wanted to point out...that not all of us have cysts on our ovaries. I for one do not. So that might be why it's hard to dertermine in some if they truely have PCOS. You can sometimes control your PCOS just by diet alone, without meds. Keep away from sugars and carbs, breads & pasta (only eat in moderation). Take up some walking, maye 30 minuets a day and it really works. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. And please remember...PCOS is not as bad as some say it is. If you start controling it, you can reverse some of the symptoms.
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