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possibly miscarrying.. no sac found on ultrasound

My last period began on October 25, 2009.. however it seemed to last longer than usual and started late. My periods the few months before that were slightly irregular (off by 1 or 2 days), but I think that was all due to me being extremely stressed out as my car had gotten totaled, I was having many financial troubles, and one of my close friends had passed away, all in the same month. So anyways, I never got a period in November. Finally I got tested for pregnancy on December 5th at my local Planned Parenthood, and it was positive. Now I bring you to today, I finally got to go to my first prenatal appointment today at just over 13 weeks. I know I started kinda late, but that is a long story. Anyways, they did a urine pregnancy test which came out positive as expected and performed a pap test which was regular. Then came time for my ultrasound. First she did one vaginally, and she seemed concerned, and brought another doctor in who continued the vaginal ultrasound. They were seeing thickened uterine lining, but no sign of a gestational sac. Next they tried an ultrasound on my belly/abdomen. Still not finding anything.. so they ordered for blood tests right away and an emergency ultra sound tomorrow. I did not get any results of my hormone levels from the blood tests today so I don't know if they are dropping or not.. but the doctor told me most likely I am having some sort of abnormal pregnancy such as molar or having a miscarriage. Her best bet was miscarriage because I was not having any nausea/vomiting or anything of the sort. The thing is, I have not experienced any cramping, bleeding, or loss of pregnancy symptoms. In fact my belly is extremely bloated and seems to be growing, and I wake up in the night to use the bathroom at least 2-3 times, sometimes hardly even going at all, it's just the feeling is there. The second doctor suggested that I don't worry because perhaps I had just missed a period and my pregnancy began later than I believed. I don't find this likely since I was tested on the 5th of December which is when I got my first positive test result.... Basically I left the med center today in tears, and could not control my intense sobbing my entire ride home on the subway. Walking home from there I continued to cry so much I could hardly breathe. I am just hoping and praying every second of this day that everything is okay, and that the ultrasound for some reason was just foggy or that there is some other obscure reason they missed the sac, like somehow it was hidden.
I came on here looking for help and reassurance. Has anyone else had any similar experience? What happened? Was your baby okay?
Someone please help me.
Good luck to me and baby dust for me, and anyone else who needs it.
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did they check round ur tubes for an ectopic pregnancy?it all sounds confusing to me as at 12 weeks i had a belly ultrasound and i could see the baby(it looked like a baby and everything!il keep my fingers crossed that they just missed it somehow!if u dont mind me asking are u overweight at all as this can sometimesmake it hard to see anything at all at that stage!good luck and keep us posted
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i went back in today and they declared it a molar pregnancy. :( my belly is growing because my uterus is growing faster than it should, which also explains the frequent urination. basically i am "pregnant" but there is no fetus/baby because it deteriorated early on. so all the hormones and everything is still there but i have to get a d&c later this week to get everything removed. i am so bummed out because even though the pregnancy was unplanned, i was coming to terms with it, and was really excited for a baby.. i had names picked out and everything. oh well.
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Oh honey I am so sorry to hear that. Keep up your spirits and it is nothing that you did or anything. I know it is hard because I had the same issue 4 years ago, and I thought that I would never recover from the pain :( it will get easier.
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thanks, even though i can't stop crying bc of this and not even just bc i thought i was havin a baby and now i'm not, but also the surgery just freaks me out so much because basically it is an abortion which i had read up on and sounded extremely way too painful to ever go through with.. like the opening of the cervix ughh i'm totally freaked by that. but i know that it is gonna helpt me, and that even though i have to live with this for the rest of my life, i know eventually the pain won't be so bad. i hope.
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I'm so sorry you are going through this. Stay strong and learn on any and every support you may have. I miscarried last August at 6 1/2 weeks and it is such an emotional thing to go through. I had to wait a couple weeks to find out if I was miscarrying because it was so early in the pregnancy. I had one ultrasound at 5 weeks where the technician found the heartbeat, then had consistent, but very light spotting for over a week. They did an emergency ultrasound and my uterus was empty and back to a "non-pregnant" stage. My heart goes out to you.  Just know that you are not alone and that the Dr has your best interest in mind.
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Yeah it is so bizarre bc i have no symptoms of molr pregnancy. I'm not bleeding, i'm not throwing up, nothing.... i was so clueless. I feel terrible, and this pregnancy wasn't even plannes. I can't imagine how much harder this is for someone who really tried. Thanks for the support everyone. I'm trying so hard to be strong, and my baby father is being way more supportive than i ever imagined he would have been. Good luck to all of you and take care.
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So sorry to hear about your loss! ♥
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im so sorry hunni! x
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