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sex during period.

Hi, I'm 21 and I'm new to these boards and I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. My period began the day before Christmas Eve, 5 days earlier than it was supposed to come.  Normally, I wouldn't be worried about it coming early since I know sometimes they do.

However, 7 to 8 hours after my period came, I had unprotected sex with my ex.  He pulled out 3-5 minutes before he came since we didn't have protection at the time.  Still, I remember once we had protected sex literally, right before my period came and that period lasted about 3 to however many days like it's supposed to.

After this one, though, it was only heavy for the first few hours it came and after sex, it has been very light and I finished this month's period within 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 days.  Is this normal after sex? I'm not sure how a period is supposed to continue since this is the first time I have ever had sex on my period.

I'm concerned that this might mean, even though he pulled out 3-5 minutes early, that I could be pregnant.

Can anyone help me? This would be greatly appreciated.
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You're probably not pregnant. While it is possible to become pregnant during a period, it is rare and I your period wouldn't just stop sooner.

Sounds like you're just having a strange period, not pregnancy-related.
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I hope you're right because I only had cramps where I couldn't even walk for like one day. =/ Like it felt like someone was pinching the insides of my pelvic area.
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That has happend to me on occasion after sex on my period.  Since it seems I am always on my period (I go for up to 8 weeks on occasion), we have done this on mulitple occasions.  Only when I am on my period do I get that odd pain.  I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, and always contribute the pain to that.  When I am bleeding, my uterus and ovaries seem much more sensitive.  Sexual activity seems to intensify that wierd pinching feeling in my vagina. ( I always describe as a little man in there with a nail and a hammer, just pinging that nail every once in a while.)  
I don't think you are pregnant, most people can't tell that soon.  Your period isn't normally affected until the second or third month.
If your worrying however, get a pregnancy test.  First Response Pregnancy test seems to be the best test when you want to know early.  Test now, and then again in three weeks or so.  
The pain in your pelvic area could just be related to inflamation of cells in your vagina.  If your extrememly worried or in a lot of pain, visit a gynecologist.
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All you can do is wait on this one. Being an ex, I can only assume you don't want to be pregnant? Wish you the best!
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The sex probably made you cramp like that. Sperm is a cervical softener, so to speak. It probably just aggrivated you.

You cannot tell you're pregnant this soon. You'd have to test in two weeks.
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This site/forum has been very helpful I am glad I stumbled across it.

This period just seems weird to me because every single one of my other periods have always lasted like 3 to 7 days, with the one being 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 the only exception.

I hope I am not either...for some reason, my ex and I are really physically attracted to each other, I really don't know why.  He said we're not compatible, but he only gave it a month and I think if he gave it a chance, we would have worked out somewhat, maybe, but he listens to his friends too much =(...his friends who barely know me.

He's the only person that I would have sex with, and I know other people who are better looking, no offense to my ex or anything, want to do stuff with me.

It doesn't matter how little or how much I see him, we both have these like really physically strong attraction toward each other...Does anyone know why this is? I don't know, I find it kind of odd that I would only have sex with my ex, even if there is another person who is much more attractive than him.
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