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so very frustrated and need advice..AGAIN. :(

i know this is a pregnancy forum and i ask alot of baby questions..and im sorry!! i just don't know where else to ask this and yall are always so helpful so here goes:
Ariana is constantly hungry, as most of yall know lol. she will take 4 ounces and then an hour to 2 hours later is hungry again. i know its hunger because she is rooting, screaming, sucking on her hands and fingers. and we try the paci..she'll spit it out often and we'll put it back in...we play this game for about 30 minutes...and then we dont feed her until it is to the point where she will NOT take the paci anymore and is screaming.

the past couple days though she is wanting to eat nonstop. and she has been spitting up a lot more than usual. and by a lot i mean she probably spits up 1/4th of what she eats every feeding (so about an ounce)...and i have noticed she arches her back sometimes when i lay her down and shes crying. but when she is upright she is the most soothed. granted if shes really hungry this ceases to work but sometimes if she's just fussy and wanting to eat a little keeping her upright will work for awhile.

i'm beginning to suspect reflux..i think she might be wanting to eat for comfort and then is spitting up so much lately because we are overfeeding her not knowing what else to do. but keep in mind she does not have all the symptoms of reflux..she is not in pain constantly. she ONLY really acts like she wants to eat constantly and that is whats bothering her.

i placed a call to her pediatrician and you know what he told me (GRR) he told me she is supposed to be eating every 4 hours..OKAY. i know that. he's said that before. but its just NOT gonna happen.. 2 1/2 isn't working for her..and i would wanna shoot myself if i had to stretch it out to 4. i would have to leave the room because she would be screaming bloody murder..and i just can't let her scream that much i feel like its bad for her. and she has little tears and it just breaks my heart..anyways point is 4 hours is never going to happen. but then the real thing that got me. is he said to DECREASE the amount of ounces shes taking. so that means he wants me to feed her 2 1/2 ounces (WTF) every 4 hours...and then slowly increase the ounces blablabla  (we've already done this as she is now 6 weeks old..4 ounces is normal)...i dont see HOW almost halfing the amount shes taking and doubling the time shes taking it is going to help anything.

i need better suggestions; because the doctor's suggestion is just not going to happen and im not even going to attempt it. oh and i should have mentioned it takes her about an hour to finish a bottle.

SO with all that info should i try a faster nipple so she drinks faster and is fuller longer? should i use a different formula (like maybe similac reduced spit up?) or if it truly is reflux and shes eating for comfort and spitting up from overfeeding what do i do? the doctor didn't seem concerned about that possibility so now i need yalls help. please; any suggestions are welcome because idk what to do.
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i am almost sure she has reflux problems. whether it is GERD or GER i do not know though.
she burps a lot, she hiccups all the time, spits up a lot, arches her back (sometimes), eats frequently..
only thing is she's not in pain CONSTANTLY like i said..just wants to eat all the time.
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oh and forgot to mention she gags sometimes on her paci.
and right now her little cry is hoarse. why is she hoarse? its not like i just let her scream for hours on end.
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I personally would try her on soy formula, I'm not saying it will work, but I did that with Elijah and he was much happier. When he got closer to a year old I switched back to milk based and he was fine with it and is fine with whole milk, so I don't know why it helped when he was an infant but it did...

And it might sound crazy, but she may need smaller amounts, but when my dr suggested it he said three ounces every two hours. I don't remember how old Elijah was, it was under 9 weeks because that's when I made the soy switch. It may be a pain to feed her more often but babies tummies are small, and it may just be that the amount you're giving her is stretching her tummy out and making her too full and she spits up, and then is hungry again because she's not full. Before you try soy, if you decide to, try giving her a smaller amount of formula more often, just to see if that helps. I wouldn't really give her a faster nipple because that might make her get more gas and spit up more, or she could choke on it at first, since more comes out. The slower you eat the faster you feel full, and the faster you eat you'll eat more and feel overstuffed afterwards, or that's how it works with me at least.

OH! And even if she doesn't have all the reflux symptoms, try propping her up, and lifting the end of her bassinet/crib mattress so she sleeps slightly elevated. That was another suggestion to me from my pediatritian.

I hope Ariana starts feeling better!
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She's could be hoarse if it's reflux and since she spits up so much, bile is getting in her throat.

Are you sure you're using the right size paci? You may want to try a smaller one if you're not using one for newborns, or try a different type of paci.
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This must be so stressfull for you, Well its normal for babies to sick so much back up i had this with my son ( hes nearly 3 now ) infact he used to throw it back up like something out of a horror movie....i would suggest you feed her more often whenevr shes asking to be fed just feed her,let her feed as much as she wants whenever she wnts, trust her instincs this way you know she wont be going hungry at any time.... you could try a teat with fast flow bt this is usually if they arent getting enough quick enough, you could try a diff formula one that keeps her fuller for longer! good luck with it all im sure it will be fine =]
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its so nuts to me though because he wants her to eat less, less often. not less more often. i dont have a problem with less more often if it makes her feel better, but less less often does not make sense.
we have tried all different types of pacis and we got them in the right age...her favorite is the soothie but her 2nd favorite is avent pacis and we use the 0-3m ones. weve also tried bunches of others.
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i think i might try childrens mylanta.
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oh and also we have tried soy...awhile back when she was having similar issues we tried that and it was awful..she spit up worse on that :(  
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I believe that childrens mylanta is for 2 and up and not for newborns.
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Good grief!!! That poor baby (and you)! I really don't know what else to try besides sitting her up, and keeping her elevated...I really don't get your doctor saying less formula AND less often...just for the heck of it I'd try less formula more often, 3 ounces every 4 hours is what I was told. I would also look into getting a second opinion. I don't know if you have or not yet, but your doctor doesn't sound too helpful, or like he knows much about what he's talking about. I really wish I knew the "tummy medicine" my aunt uses for her daughter. She has a friend that used it with her baby from very early on, the baby was only a couple months old and she put it in the baby's bottle...I'm gonna try to find out what it is, so you can ask your doctor about it for Ariana. I don't want to say I hope she gets better, because I don't wish for there to be anything wrong, but I hope she gets better, that's really the only way I can think to say it, lol. And I hope some of your frustrations get relieved soon and everything is ok.
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OH! It was mentioned before, and I don't know what age Mylanta says on it...but I would ask the doctor about it first...if it doesn't give a dose for under 2 the dr will have to tell you how much to give her, or if it's safe to give to her...
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Okay this is something I learned super early on- every single baby is different. YOU are Ariana's mother and know her better than the pediatrician. Even if they recommend your baby eating every 4 hours some babies just won't! She won't become obese if she eats every 2 hours. Babies go through growth spurts where they need more calories.

If your child is screaming to be fed then feed her. Don't watch the clock; watch HER. She knows when she is hungry/thirsty. Babies don't watch the clock, they listen to their tummies. During the summer I've also noticed babies tend to be more thirsty because it is hot out.

The spitting up can be normal. Babies spit up; it happens. The amount can be frightening at times. It might seem like they spit up half the bottle! But it is completely normal.

If you suspect GERD or Reflux then get the tests done to verify. I would also recommend soy formula as another commenter suggested. Cow milk is VERY hard for our stomachs to digest. Soy would be much easier on her tummy.

You need to make the call with her eating. Pediatricians and doctors memorize text books and tell you what the book says. But you are her mother and you know when your child is hungry and are the one rocking her and trying to calm her when she just wants to eat. Also I would recommend seeing another pediatrician (maybe one in the same practice so you don't have to switch paperwork) and get other opinions. Based on what you've told he doesn't sound like he knows what he is talking about. Eating less less often?!

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Oh my, I so feel for you!  My little girl had reflux, started at 2 weeks old.   That lead to colic at around 3 months until around 7 months (screaming straight from 1PM-4/5PM everyday).  I was miserable!  It was hard on her, hard on me and my husband and I fought all the time.  I was nursing so I was constantly feeding, cleaning up puke, and feeding again.  I also had a toddler at the time.  Ahhh, I am reliving it right now in my head it was horrible!!!!

My advise...  we were told to feed her more frequent smaller meals.  With nursing that was difficult and like you she would just scream for more.  I think in a way the milk helped sooth her throat.  We ended up putting her on prescription zantac (didn't work, but works for most) and then prilosec.  That did the trick - she stopped screaming in pain from the acid coming back up, but that didn't stop it from coming.  She could easliy create 1-2 LOADS of laundry a day by herself. I had to push my doctor that something was seriously wrong, that I needed to try something.  He wasn't very receptive at first so I just kept pushing.   If you do get on some meds, you'll have to keep an eye on the dose as they grow so quickly that the dose is always changing.  

He also suggested that I stop eating for 24 hours to see if she was allergic to stuff or try a few sensitive formulas (can't remember the names, I think one started with an N - maybe someone else knows).  We opted for none-eating and it didn't stop it.

The good news is, we were off meds at 10-11 months (I know it sounds like forever to you now, it was a living he(# when I was in it too.)  It does get better.  

My daughter is still a difficult child, still crys a lot, still throws up easily, etc.  We did the ultrasound test and found that it wasn't severe, so no surgery, but the waiting for her stomach muscle to "grow up" if you will was awful. You you really feel something is not right, push the doctors.  It's hard if you are a first time mom, I remember with my first them not listening to me fully, so keep at them.
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What works for us is using cereal in the formula. we added it to masons since he was 2 months old, it makes it just thick enough so that it won't come up otherwise both my boys will end up throwing up ALOT
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i think we are going to try feeding her smaller meals more frequently. that is what the nurse originially suggested until she talked to the doctor.
as far as switching pediatricians idk...im still in denial that he's not a good one because he was my pediatrician when i was young and i just love him..he's the sweetest man ever, hardly charges a copay, and we are personally good friends with him. :( id like to give him more of a chance first.
martikadragoon: were going to try the cereal. i know people say don't do it. but i think she might be suffering from reflux and the nurse said you can put cereal in their bottle if they are. DH's parents are keeping her saturday night (it's our 6 week hotel stay to enjoy ourselves)..and she is going to start her on it for us since she is experienced with it so hopefully that will help; i think it will.
i have something very interesting to bring up...let me know what yall think. just now she was screaming..and i remembered from the other day that when i put her on her tummy she went right to sleep (this has happened twice now) so i handed her to DH and told him to place her on her tummy in her crib and she's out like a light. no more crying; nothing. why do you think this is? i think its VERY interesting.
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Hmm...maybe her being on her back stretches out her tummy and it hurts her, or maybe she just doesn't like laying on her back...I know all the stuff they say about how to lay them down to sleep, but Elijah wouldn't sleep unless he was on his tummy...if it works, just keep an eye on her incase she spits up...
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when my baby had that back in feb beg of march i switched to enfamils gassy n fussiness its a lavender can of formula worked wonders. my also use the mam pacifier n my baby loves that i wouldnt feed her 2 ounces at 4 hers! shes only 6 weeks n my dr say every 2 to 3 hrs they need a feed n my son n previous would eat bout 3 or 4 ounces evry 2 or 2 n half. hrs. when he would get fussy i would jus constantly have to bounce rock him put pressure on his belly n i also gav him that med gasx 4 infants. all combined it helped n within a month it was over when she crys jus hold her close rock her pat her
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oh also i noticed enfamil made a new formula saids colic n reflux on it n its very exspensive mayb try alil can n see if that works too!!!
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Sounds like reflux. My experiences are similar to the poster who described reflux and the colic... A total nightmare. Luckily, yours isn't as bad.
My little one also over-ate because of the reflux. That was what soothed her throat. The meds made a difference, although it took us a very long time to find the right balance.

I encourage you to find a new ped or at least go for a second opinions from another if you're not willing to switch. The fact that he was your ped indicates that he may not be up on the current recommendations and procedures for reflux. In the very least, it sounds like he isn't listening to you. I have spoken to countless people whose kids had reflux symptoms a decade or 2 ago but nothing was done. That was the standard procedure and it was labeled "colic" back then. Now we know more and these poor babies do not need to suffer needlessly.

When we suspect reflux ( in our case silent reflux), we describe the symptoms to our ped. He told us that these days, when reflux is suspected, they try meds. If the meds make a difference, then they consider the child to have reflux. If they do not, then they look for other causes to the problems. We were initially prescribed mantic, which made a huge difference, but not enough. We then went onto prevacid, which again came with more improvement but still not enough and we couldn't wean her off of it. At this point, he ped referred us to a gastro. She did blood tests (can't do that until after 6 months) and upped the dose. We finally had a normal baby! We are in the process of weaning her at 10 months and are back down to half her biggest dose and she's doing well.

If she has a flair-up, we give a dose of maalox. Your pharmacist can calculate the appropriate dosage based on the Babys weight. There are other OTC antacids that can be used as well, under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist. You may want to try one of these solutions to see if it makes a difference. However, with reflux you see some improvement immediately, but the full effects of different medications may not be evident until the esophagus has had a chance to heal. It also depends on the mechanisms of the medication. I know ppi's like prefaced may take up to 2 weeks for full effect (although we saw it within 24 hours!)

Also, be sure to look up managing reflux and do all other tips as well. Feeding smaller meals more frequently is a big one, as is keeping the baby upright during and after feeds and sleeping on an incline. Do not switch to a faster flow, as this can aggravate the reflux. I cannot imagine feeding a newborn every 4 hours. Follow you gut on this one. Especially if it's reflux, the crying and screaming will only aggravate the symptoms.  
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Also, you may want to look at the Marci-kids website. It is very informative.
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I still say it's Acid Reflux. Just because she is rooting, sucking her fingers and so forth does not mean she isn't just wanting to eat out of comfort. My youngest who will be 2 in Oct still suffers from Acid reflux, and acts the same way. But thats just my opinion. Soy formula may work, but FYI, it made my sons Acid Reflux 10x worse. I would consider making her an appointment, or even researching Acid Reflux.
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As tiredbuthappy said- you can at least get a second opinion from someone else in his practice if there are others. Just to get a different opinion since he does seem "old school" in his thinking. Don't worry about hurting his feelings by switching. You need to do what is best for Ariana. Is he willing to look into the reflux/colic issue and find a solution?
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yeah he is..i phoned his cell after doing some research and determining i thought it was reflux and i explained my thoughts to him..he said that some babies need to be put on zantac for acid in their tummies and he told me to call the nurse to make an appointment with him tomorrow. he is going to look into it for me; i cannot wait for that appointment because today has been a very rough day for us both.
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Zantac is a weight based medication, and eventually it will become ineffective. There is a WONDERFUL Gerd forum, that was my savior when Conner was diagnosed with Acid Reflux.

And honestly I would suggest asking your doc for both Zantac and Prevacid meltaway chews, those 2 combined did wonders for us. However the Prevacid is very expensive. It cost me nearly $200 dollars for a months worth.
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