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my question is for everyone! what was your very first symptom that made you think you were pregnant? other than the missed period of course.... for some its sore breasts, for some its nausea... what was yours?
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mine was sheer exhaustion from the normal things that i done. i was getting home from work and falling asleep at drop of a hat. that was pregnancy 2. first one was hightened sesne of smell. x
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I hadnt missed a period, it was about a week before and my whole body from head to toe was really sore, like all my skin felt bursied, I thought it was my spray tan but ive never felt that before, so I tested, I was positive. Yay!
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Nausea for sure. I woke up the morning after hubby's birthday and feel kind of our if it, like a mild case of hangover. Which is unlikely since I only had one beer the night before on a full tummy. The next morning the same nausea came back so it got me thinking. And then a couple of days later we went to the movie and I just can't stand the smell of popcorn there, so off to the drug store we go :)
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Btw, and that was only week 2, so I known pretty much from the beginning.
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thats awesome, thanks ladies :) Has anyone had breast tenderness as their first symptom???
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My only symptom was a missed period :) I've been symptomless this entire pregnancy! I'm almost 30 weeks.
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Really odd cramps, like a pulling sensation in my abdomen I've never felt before. Had them for a full week before I missed my period and tested positive.
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mine was sore breasts and within a week my breasts went up 2sizes!
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Thanks ladies, been great to read :) hopefully I'll be able to join the mummy club soon :):) x
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Mine was lower back pain and sore breasts. I was about 5 weeks when I found out!
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Mine for my son who is almost 2 years old now, was the fact that I kept getting cramps like I was gonna start my period and I had alot of wetness down there which would make me think I started, so id go to the bathroom and look but it wasnt blood... and of course I was a week late at the time.. and weird as it sounds.. I told my friends a week before that, that I thought I was pregnant cause I had been having a dreams every night for 2 weeks straight that I was pregnant... sure enough found Out the next day after the million trips to the bathroom to check if I started, that I was indeed pregnant after 3 HPT that day!
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For me, was just a missed period. I'll be 27 weeks on Sunday, and haven't had anything.
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besides being more sleepy then normal, Mcdonalds french fries made me wanna get sick! but that wasn't until the day before my scheduled blood test.
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I thought I had caught my sisters cold- very stuffy nose. Then my hips were extremely achy, they felt the same as after I ran a half marathon, but I had not run in 2 weeks LOL. I also had sore breasts, but that's normal prior to starting my period. This was all about 10 days after conceiving. I knew 1 week later I was prego as I have excruciating painful periods associated with ovarian cysts- but the pain nor period never came! Tested... BFP!!
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Mine was sore breasts and at the drop of a hat I wanted to cry all I wanted was sweets and sleep my bf was actually the one that pointed out that he thought I was pregnant I told him I was not and to prove him wrong pee'd on a stick and ended up proving him right lol
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it was nice to read all comments.
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Mine for both of my pregnancies was dizziness before I even tested. It's the very first sign for both. Very odd. Also the sharp stabbing pains in the breasts/underarms!
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Mine was really bad nausea and vomitting.It would start early in the morning and last all day.Just the smell of certain things would make me gag or even vomit.I thought it was signs of my period bc this would happen sometimes before my period so I tried not to pay it attention.Then I thought it was a virus bc it started happening too often so o went to the ER where I found put I was pregnant.Good luck :)
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The night before i found out, i drank a glass of wine and i had the worst heartburn ever... i knew then i was pregnant as with my first pregnancy, heartburn was a daily occurance
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I felt nausea for about a week in the evenings, like I was so hungry I was nauseas. Then I was always sleepy(and still am at almost 19wks) and that all took place about 2 weeks before my MP
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Sickness and sore boobies were my 1st symptoms with all 3 pregnancys x
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Severe nausea...couldn't stand the smell of almost everything.lol and really sore breasts.
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Fatigue, it was the thing which hit me the hardest both pregnancies.
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Mine was I didn't want to eat for thanksgiving
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