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this has nothing to do w/babies but..

i really could use a woman's input so please give any advice. Summer is coming and i want to get a new swimming suit my hd's cousin got a new pool so i know theres going to be at least one party to go so i want to get a one piece (which i havent done since i was 12) because im married and cus im not comfortable enough to be walking around in a bikini esepcially w/so many men in the family but i dont know if should get just a regular one piece and wear my board shorts or get one of the dress looking ones? i dont want to wear my tank shirt again this year its just too heavy in the water but i need something thats form fitting but dont make me look like oompa bloompa or an old person either. Just to give you an idea im 5'3 and 125lbs.
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I have a one piece with a skirt (the skirt is sewn on, doesn't come off) and it is SO FEMININE and CUTE! I'm 5'3" and wore it at 135 lbs, so it'd look great on you too. Some really rude, insecure girl told me I looked like a granny but EVERYONE ELSE liked it (this girl and I have never liked one another). So get the girly, skirt one!
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I am going to be opting for a bikini or one piece with board shorts next summer. (2009) since I will be way preggers during this summer. This summer will be a maternity bathing suit with board shorts if I end up at the pool at all. We will see. Myself, I dont like the skirt deals, but that is just me. They look adorable on most women. I just feel goofy in them.
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Joy-thats cool and thats what i didnt want is peeps to say i looked like a granny but if its cute then cool does it show alot of ur upper legs? im so self consicious bout that part of  my leg i got a lil bit stretch mark there and i feel like i got  celulite there too but i was hoping if i got a lil self tanner that might help.
Hopeful- thats what i had been doing is but i feel so self conscious bout my stomach i dont think i wanna wear a bikini top if front of peeps anymore but if you like it then cool dont worry bout the maternity ones you will look cute w/ur bump.
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It hides your upper thighs. It's like wearing a little mini skirt and it really makes me feel very feminine. I don't think they look weird at all! Like I said, that girl was just looking to cause trouble with me but everyone else liked it a lot. I'm a very modest person so wearing it made me feel dainty, cute, attractive, what-have-you!
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Have you seen the monokinis? I know they have some cute ones at wal mart right now. They are bikinis with stomach parts on them. Some are sexy, but then some are modest! I mean, you sound like you have a nice body, so... LOL. I love swimsuits... and don't let some of the monokinis scare you. SOme look pretty skanky off the bat, but you can find a really cute one! Look around!
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thats good i wanna hide that part that part of my legs lol!! thats ok i like feeling cute too!! Lamb-yes i have seen those suits im definetly interested in one im just scared to try it one lol. i like the openness on the side its cute. but i will try both of them when i go to the store hopefully i will like something.
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i forgot to ask you guys since im on the subject bout dresses i dont wear them but i would like to buy one like for my anniversary or maybe a party but since i dont wear them i dont know what type would look good on my body type and i know if u dont get the right kind you will look like a roly poly instead of being sexy lol!!
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