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Cholesterol levels

I am 65, never smoked and had some blood work done the otherday. My cholesterol came back as follows ***@****, HDL@35, TRIGLYC@ 138, TC@ 168, Glucose @ 97

Ok, I rarely eat eggs opting instead for Eggbeaters etc. I try to increase soluble fiber by eating oatmeal, fruit, more veggies and as to meat chicken at least twice a week, fish at least once one "meatless" day and beef 2-3 days. Breaeds tend to be whole grains, Can't tell you the last time I saw the golden arches, do like red wine and most evening meals I have some but not all I also take a multi vitamin and I enjoy pasta about once a week at least sometimes more... about 1/3 of the time I use whole wheat. I also need to lose 60lbs;) and am working on that...so, what should I be concerned with and what else can/should I do? By the way my dad is 101 and eats meat6x a week without regard to fat content.
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Thank you for your question. Using a standard cholesterol calculator, your LDL (or bad) cholesterol is 99.4. This is important. The current guidelines for cholesterol management are based largely on LDL cholesterol. As you may know, there are multiple types of cholesterol, among them HDL and LDL cholesterol. HDL is considered "good" cholesterol, the higher the number the better. Generally doctors consider an HDL over 45 or 50 to be protective for heart disease. LDL is "bad" cholesterol, the lower the better. Different people's goal LDL is different based on their overall risk factors for heart disease. If you have 0-1 risk factors your goal is less than 160, 2 risk factors your goal is less than 130, and 3 or more risk factors or a heart disease equivalent like diabetes less than 100. These goals determine whether treatment (medication or otherwise) is recommended. Regardless of your risk factors, your LDL cholesterol is already at goal! Thus based on current guidelines doctors would not recommend any changes. However, based on what you shared with me, I would strongly advocate for losing weight but that's a topic for another day.
Best wishes,
Dr. Nundy
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