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1. Recently i underwent my cholesterol check and my total cholesterol is 194, HDL is 52.6, LDL is 122.1, Triglycerides is 98 and VLDL cholesterol is 19.7.  Is my cholesterol level normal or slightly high? can i take omega 3 tablets? is Nutrelite Omega 3 good?

2. In my recent blood test my Bilirubin direct was 0.39 Bilirubin indirect was 1.20 and total bilirubin was 1.59.  I was told that total bilirubin should be less than 1.  Is my bilirubin lever high? I also consume liquor thrice a week should i stop it? what do i do to bring down my bilirubin level?

My age is 37 (m)
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Thanks for your question. Of all the cholesterol numbers, doctors generally are most concerned about LDL (or bad) cholesterol. Target LDL is different for different people. The higher your risk of heart disease the lower the target LDL. People with 0-1 risk factors for heart disease should aim for an LDL of less than 160, people with 2 risks less than 130, and people with 3 or more risk factors or a history of heart disease less than 100.

Bilirubin can vary though generally range of normal for total bilirubin is up to 0.8. That being said your bilirubin is not automatically a cause for concern. It is difficult to interpret your results without any context. More commonly than alcohol, bilirubin can be elevated for gallstones or for fatty liver disease. I would talk to your doctor about the best way to evaluate you for these conditions. Often the next step is a right upper quadrant ultrasound.

Best of luck!
Dr. Nundy
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