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Grade 3 Prostate Cancer and Bone Scan

My husband, who is 61 years old has recently been diagnosed with Grade 3 Prostate cancer. His PSA was 5.31, before being diagnosed. The biopsies showed 2 suspicious areas. One had a Gleason score of 3-3 (no worries), but the other one had a score of 4-3, with a clinical stage of T1. They also do not think it has spread to the lymph nodes . The Urologist ordered a bone scan to make sure it had not spread to the bones. There were two areas that showed up as suspicious. One was on his knee and the other one is on one of his ribs. The doctor then ordered an x-ray of his knee and a CT scan of his chest area. The x-ray of the knee does not show any finding consistent with cancer. However, the CT scan does show an abnormality in the left 5th rib adjacent to the spine. They said it has the appearance consistent with metastatic disease. He said it is still not 100% certain. They may do a needle biopsy of the rib area. He said a negative finding could be a false negative, due to technical difficulties with a bone biopsy. The doctor is going to discuss my husband's situation with a Multidisciplinary Genitourinary Tumor Board group to get more input. Has anyone been through this before and are there any other tests he should have done? Thinking of getting a second opinion. Thanks for any help. I was feeling positive about all of this and his prognosis, until this came up on the bone scan. Now, I'm scared.
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I'm sorry you're going through this.

I'm no expert, but my dad died of prostate cancer after it spread to the bones. With your husband's numbers, I'd be surprised if it had spread to the bones already, especially if they don't think there's any spread to the nodes.

Definitely get second opinions. You're going to be with these doctors for the long haul - and it is a LONG HAUL - so be sure you are comfortable with them. Get into an oncologist before making any big decisions.

Best of luck to you, and let us know how you and your husband are.
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Wishing you healings and Blessings.

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I am sure sorry to hear this diagnosis and that they are looking into advanced staging in the bones with some findings.  I'm sure you and your husband are very worried.  Second opinions never hurt especially when we are talking about very serious health diagnosis.  The needle biopsy is important.  If it is negative, I guess they are telling you that he is not out of the woods completely but it would still be quite a relief.  If it is positive, you need to know in order to determine best map of treatment.  Tumor boards are actually fantastic.  I've had a family member's case presented at one.  You have bright minds who are experts all coming together to come up with the best plan of action.  I hope they are very helpful.  what your doctor is saying is that he would like input to give the best care for your husband.  Which is what you want!  That is almost like a second opinion in itself.  Does your husband have pain in the chest area by the rib site that is suspicious?  

A few days have passed.  Please update me when you can!
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How are things going?  Would love an update.
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