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I am sure most responses to this will be to seek medical attention, but at the moment that is not an option. I am a 60 year old male. Rec...
If an MRI is the be all/end all in determining prostate cancer...why do I need a biopsy...???...why cant I just have an MRI...??? My P...
I'm 40 male, 5'8", 140lb, white, British. I've been experiencing frequent urination but no other symptoms. I went to the doctors today...
My GP referred me to a urologist after the DRE, even though my PSA was normal. The urologist performed the the DRE and announced I had a...
What causes prostatomegaly(enlarged prostate)...is caused by a urinary infection or is it caused by HORMONE IMBALANCE? Is it caused by...
1.What are odds or percentage of nodule being cancer.2.What diagnostic test would you suggest, mpmri,trans,wait and see.3 my psa was 2.0 ...
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