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Panoramic dental radiography without protection, what are the risks?

I'm a woman, 22 years old. Yesterday I got a pantomogram, the technician didn't put proper protection, I was confused, got a small skirt that covered only behind, I moved it to the front because I didn't understand. The radiologist said nothing about it and made me do the thing, with my ovaries not covered.
After this I searched about it on the internet I discovered that is obligatory to wear protection in my country (italy). In fact I already got a pantomogram in the past and wore protection all over my body. Now the damage is done, what can I do about it? what are the risks? I don't want to be reassured, I want to know what has happened and the enthity of the risk. what happens when x radiations hit the reproductive sistem?
By the way I'm not sure it was a digital machine because I got an old style X-ray result right after.

thanks in advance

PS not a native english speaker, never been outside italy so maybe my english is a little messed up, sorry
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The bad thing is that there is no safe level of radiation.
the smallest amount of radiation increases the risk of developing cancer in the future, but ....

there is hardly a reason to worry in your case.
Everybody is exposed to radiation as it is present in our atmosphere. It is called Natural Background and is about 3.1 mSv/year.

Now lets do statistic calculations:
A woman of 22 years has a baseline risk of developing cancer of 37,5%.
A woman of 22 years who has had a panaramic dental X-ray  has an additional risk of 0.00017%, making the chance to develop cancer 37,50017%.

Simple dental X-rays are even much lower in dose. 1 dental X-ray increases your risk about 0.00004%.

The X-ray source and X-ray detector are on opposite positions of your yaws, rays travel from source to detector in a straight line. Apart from minimal scattered radiation, no radiation goes to your pelvic area, so no need for worry.
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