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ct/pet scan

i had a lumpdectomy  in jan , radiation, 6 mo mamo fine . at a major cancer centre. my surgeon has me shedualed for another one in may. my local onocologist wants to do a  scan say its the only way to know if cancer is anywhere in body
i had a bone scan do to some joint problems results were no mastistis in bones . i showed him results, my blood work fine. is this nessesary to do. surgeon never sugested it. it,s very expensive 4,600
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Thanks yellowbean - again, an excellent discussion.  A bone scan is very sensitive for certain types of metastatic disease in the bones including breast cancer.  Although not completely sensitive for all cancers, another effective scan that utilize radio-labeled agents is a PET scan as yellowbean explained.  PET looks at the entire body including other organs in addition to bones.  Definitely discuss PET as a possibility with your oncologist / physician.
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A bone scan uses radio-labeled materials that are taken up specifically by bone, but about all you see is the bones.

Cancer can metastasize to many different sites.  A PET scan can find certain metastatic tumors that have gone places besides the bone.  That is the value of PET.  Realize, that all tests have limitations, and limitations of PET include 1) size of metastasis must be about 1 cm or more. 2) Metastasis must take up the radio tracer 2) Metastasis must take up more radio tracer than the other surrounding tissues to be able to see it.

You need to discuss the specifics or your case with your oncologist to determine the appropriateness of PET for your individual case.
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