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Is it impossible?

In Feb 2008 I had a mastectomy and at the same time an expander was put in. Fluid built up under the expander and instead of just draining the fluid the plastic surgeon just removed the expander and told me not to come back until I had a 28 inch waist(I am 5'10" and 155lbs.) I have had 2 deep ab surgerys including a hysterectomy. Since then I have seen 3 other reconstruction surgeons who said that it would be too hard and wouldn't touch it-So my question is, Am I just to resign myself to be mutilated for life or is there any hope for me? Thanks in advance for any advice...
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Hi - Wow!  what an interesting (awful) thing for a doctor to say.  You certainly seem to be perfectly normal in so-called guidelines for your height and weight.  

Second - if, for whatever reason/s, you cannot have reconstruction, do not feel mutilated.  

I had a bilateral last fall.  After meeting with plastic surgeons to discuss reconstruction,  I opted to not go through it.  I could not have the tram flap as I didn't have enough belly fat.  (I was happy to hear that!)  My options were the expanders or the lat dorsi flap.  

After hearing the recuperation times, follow-ups, etc., I said NO.  I have too much planned, I have too much I want to do.  

Am I sorry?  Let me tell you the things I miss:

We attend many formal functions.  I now have to be sure I have on a dress that doesn't show cleavage - same with sundresses, etc.

What do I like:

Natural looking prostheses.  No follow-ups with plastic surgeons.  Days I work at home - no bras.  I could go on.

I have no problem being breast free.  I work out, I am very into looking my best at all times (yes, you can even say I'm vain).

Every morning, it's so important to awaken and thank God for another day - no one has the perfect body, face, teeth, or boobs.   I'm thankful I have one more day in remission.   Who knows how many any of us will have?  

I am so sorry for the anguish you are suffering.  I wish you the very best.
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I am not certain what your waist has to do with this. I see many patients who are full waisted and are overweight. 5'10" is tall, and your weight is not excessive. You should be eligible for expansion, or flap sugery unless there is something I do not know. Have you had radiation or extensive scarring on your abdomen? If so, then perhaps your best option may be the latissimus or back surgery. You should not give up but prevail. Respectfully,

                   arch s miller ms md facs
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