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breast augmentation and bottomng ut

I am 35 years old, 180 cm tall 67 kg weight. Two weeks ago I had breast augmentation procedure (Mentor 375 ml. moderate+). Somehow the implants were from the very beginning were placed a 2,3-3  cm. lower my breast byt general look really satisfied me and I was only worried that incisions are on the breast and suppose to be more visible in future. Tree-four days later, when swelling and bruises diminished, I realized something like a double bubble. Also I was worried about disproportion – right implant was placed always higher. I called my doctor and ask an advice – he settled my mind that bottoming out in my case is impossible because my “before” breast wasn’t pendent. And for achieving symmetry he suggested me to press right implant down by using girdle bandage. In few hours later I realized that implants replaced very law. The problem existed before but I saw it as a bottoming out. Then I removed bandages and started to use them to push back my implants up. In three-four days situation become pretty good. I meet me doctor and he suggested to keep implants in bandages to not letting them bottom out again and suggested that one month after surgery they suppose by themselves  become fixed in the right place. I am afraid if I can be sure that bottoming-out will not repeat in the future? Will my implants stay in right high place after removing special bra and bandages (doctor suggest to wear them during 2 months)? If the danger of bottoming out is much bigger than in statistic case? Could I practice sports? And how to resolve problem of disproportion – left nipple “looks” up, and the right on – “down”? Do you think if revisionary surgery (because of bottoming out that had place last week and asymmetry) will be necessary?

My photos from before and after you can see there: http://public.fotki.com/laimikis/1/krutysfoto2.html
Password: Mariola1
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From what I can tell with the photographs, you had a slight preoperative assymmetry . This is always accentuated by augmentation. Then, the muscles pushed your implants high, and this also happens a lot. The pushdown worked, but you could still see the "bubbles" that you described. That is actually the line where your breast used to sit on your chest. That will remain for a long time. It sometimes will stretch out with time and become less noticeable. The only way to fix that is to place smaller implants and move the inframammary crease upward. The nipple assymmetry is due likely to some difference you had naturally and it is now accentuated, AND to the left implant being slightly higher thus making it look down. Your healing has progreesed well. As far as the incision is concerned, that is one of the three most commonly used incisions and it usually heals very well, and after a year of maturing becomes very subtle. I hope all this helps you, respectfully,

                             arch s miller ms md facs
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for my pictures it is better to use this link, because there you can see all photos together:
password same: Mariola1
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