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Am I weird?

Im not sure if this is weird or not......When my boyfriend gives me oral sex my whole body shakes, my legs arms stomach muscles basically all my muscles it doesnt hurt and feels dam nice receiving it! and after I feel so weak I cant move, he has never experienced this with anyone else and just wondered if any other women experience the same?
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Yup, it's normal. I have had that before, also.
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Oh yeah...its normal and all should experience it.
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It's not weird....just amazing!   <3   [trust me on this one -- hehe]
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That's not weird, that means you're a lucky girl.
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I know the exact feeling.
It's phenomenally intriguing while at the same time, indescribably delightful.
If it's considered as being weird; then, it's a glorious kind of weirdness.  
... enjoy!
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It's called an orgasm you lucky lucky girl! =)
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