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I had originally posted a question in reference to my husband not coming home and me finding drugs on him. He had been so neglectful to m...
My husband gets angry whenever I say anything about his family. Even pointing something out sets him off. I can't say anything or else he...
My ex lived only and hour and a half away but only asked to see the girls once, sometimes twice a year and never called. After he married...
Hello I was wondering if it is normal that my boyfriend has a big father daughter fetish..,I was looking for a link the other day and fou...
Hello, I am desperately seeking guidance that may provide me with the tools to build a better relationship with my 25 year old son. I ma...
I’m a 22 year old girl. I grew up living with just my mum. My dad died in an accident before I was born. I’ve always been very close with...
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