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Summary: I am a 45-year-old man, the mother of my children and I live together in my house (not married) but we have not been in a relati...
Hi, its been 3 years since I been on here, my last relationship 3 years ago was my last relationship, I still miss n love him..long story...
I have joint custody with my ex. we have 11 yr old daughter. She spends the weekends with him. She sleeps with him on the same bed every ...
So lately I’ve noticed an abnormal amount of discharge or whatever it is in my wife’s panties when doing the laundry. I know it’s complet...
My husband has been a gambler for years, most of which I was in the dark the whole time. The past year I have discovered the actual exte...
I fell hard in love for a transwoman in 1987. We got married in Vegas in ‘91. 33 years we've been a team and many of those years, lovers....
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