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Pocessive in law

Had anyone of u ever deal with a possessive parent in law? How did u managed or to how much extent had this affect your relationship with your spouse?
I got married last year and 6months since we are living together. In my case it's my husband father. He is not ready to let us live our life. He likes to control everything. Even when we go out he would call several times. I cannot do anything in the house like moving furniture and he even controls my husband business. When I spoke about learning the business and as a wife I wish to know the finances of my husband and manage finances of our home, he has big issues about it. I don't know if I should call him a narcissist.
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Gosh, I wouldn't like this. You want to be married to your HUSBAND not his dad. What does your husband say? Is he willing to draw the line with his father? The business is his or is it the family business with his dad?
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How does your husband handle this? This is really his issue to handle.

Why does he know things like you are moving furniture in your own home? Do you live with his father?

It doesn't matter if he's a narcissist or not. What matters is if your husband is setting boundaries with his father.
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Also, is this the same husband you've posted about before? You've had problems with him for a long time.
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