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Female Ejaculation

Hello there,

When my GF uses a vibrator or I use on on here she will "Squirt" what I think is "Female Ejaculation" (lots of clear fluid soaks the bed)

She thinks that it is urine, she has done this quite a few times now and still believes that it is urine and not female ejaculation. I have read up quite a bit on this and it would seem that it is in fact "Female Ejaculation" ....

My question is....Is it possible at all that this could in fact be urine? could the vibrations from the vibrator be causing her to pee?

Please help us put this issue to rest.

Thanks in advance.

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Seems to me that it is female ejaculation...think about it, when a woman urinates it doesn't normally shoot out.

You're a lucky guy, most guys would love to experience something like that! Prepare your bed with towels and enjoy.
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First of all you're so right.  Most men would KILL for this experience.  My husband used to ask me if I could do that and I was like "are you nuts?"
Secondly, your profilile is abslutely hysterical!  I'm only 33 but I can so relate to your attitude and I've seen this sudden "clue in the head" sundrome with lots of women around your age and older.  It's a shame it takes us so long but the point is that we do eventually get ther.....
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Yes, I know I am lukcy :) ....I love it ...My GF still thinks that its urine though because she is not hitting her G-spot with anything ...she is just using the vibrator on her clit.
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its urine. that is all, there is nothing for us to squirt out.  this isnt my theory but a dr's bit of info.  if you still think otherwise repost your question under the dr to patient forum, she will give you the answer you are looking for.
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perty is right. anatomically we don't have any gland to build up a ejaculate. nor push one out. some women lose their bladder control when the spasms of arousal and orgasm happen. even if it is clear, it is urine. i have watched a close up video in my microbilogy class( a student brought it up in a debate, professor had to disprove it) the fluid came from the urethra. the only thing attached directly to that is the bladder and urinary organs.

we can have large amounts of sexual secretions, but they occur in the vaginal os and they don't projectile squirt they ooze.

sorry to dispell the fantasy.

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Yeah well like I said im not sure ......every website I have read about it says that its NOT urine and its female ejaculaiton.

So I really dont know what to believe.

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you need to look into an anatomy site. try to figure out where it is coming from. the adult industry makes alot of money by calling it female ejaculation.

next time she does it try to get an up close look at where it is coming from and see for yourself. if you like it, let her know that. there is nothign to be ashamed of. it happens to some gals and there are alot of men who find it very sexy.

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the web is full of lies.  if you believe half of what you read then you will be able to work from home making a million a year with 2 inches of penis growth from one little capsule and a diet that will make you have a six pack without even trying.   i say if the two of you dont care let it happen.  
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If she is enjoying it, and feels like she's cumming when she's "squirting", then she's definitely ejaculating!  If it was urine, you'd definitely smell it.  I didn't know I could do that until I met my husband. lol, he loves it!  If she doesn't believe it, then tell her to pee before you all engage in sex.
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It's NOT urine.  From Wikipedia:

"Female ejaculation (also known colloquially as squirting or gushing) refers to the expulsion of noticeable amounts of clear fluid by human females from the paraurethral ducts and/or urethra during orgasm. The exact source of the fluid is debated, although some researchers believe it originates from the Skene's gland.

For most of the last century, there was controversy over whether the effect existed at all, and in recent history there has been confusion between female ejaculation and urinary incontinence. However, scientific studies from the 1980s and later have demonstrated an effect that is unrelated to urine.[1]

Female ejaculation is mostly accomplished by stimulation of the urethral sponge (or G-spot, named after Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg), an area on the front vaginal wall.[2][3] More rarely, ejaculation can be accomplished through external stimulation of the clitoris alone, the internal tissue of the clitoris then contracting and stimulating the urethral tissue."
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you are aware that anyone can make or change entries on wikipedia and that makes it a less than reliable source right?

i'll stick with what i learned in my medical classes.
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Sorry, but Female Ejaculation is NOT urine, notwithstanding the Wikipedia entries.  Here are only a couple of medically related links I found on the internet.  My guess is some of these women on here are either jealous, given old medical information, or simply misinformed based on slighted evidence.  These links alone prove it is not urine.

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it is true............but it is usually from the G spot.
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well if those links prove it.......  there is no proof sorry to say.  ive said before if you believe everything you read on the net then i have some ocean front property for you lol
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Even if it is urine, it is still a form of ejaculation or stimulatory climax experienced exclusively by women. Modern medical science still has a poor understanding of the female sexual organs. However, it is known that women can be aroused to the point of ejaculation, and with the right stimulation, can continue to ejaculate indefinitely. Try reading Kinsey's book on female sexuality.

Having experienced it myself, I would argue that it IS ejaculation of some form, but necessarily equivalent to what men experience. That is our whole problem with understanding female sexuality right there - comparing it to men. Some things just can't be compared.

Don't forget too that there are a lot of subtle little organs in our body that we don't understand, ranging from our appendix to our vomeronasal organ. The Skene's gland may be a vestigal organ that played a larger role somewhere in our evolutionary history.
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Whoops, I meant to say NOT necessarily equivalent to what men experience.
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you hit it on the head.. if one chick hears of it she immediatly dispell it as gross fake and un classy..2 reasons fear and jealosy..they are afraid you will covet thy neighbors wife.  they are afraid they are going to embarass themselves by peeing the bed ------- they are jealous of the girl for maybe reaching some un charted peak in orgasmicness that there life is missing ...small petri dish but my gal pal denied it untill it happened and thenshe came to admit "you know what?, I could have been doing this for years but it kinda made me think i would pee so i stopped it"   -alltrue but i am not truly that intelligent
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trust me
shes ejaculating
if the bed doesnt absolutely reek of urine
she ejaculated
as i have done many times with my boyfriend in copious amounts too
i still get paranoid as to whether im urinating or not
its only natural for her to feel that way to something that feels so similar to peeing
all you sceptics that believe there is no such thing as female ejaculation are highly uneducated.
its not just a crazy trick that the pron industry uses
its an out of this world amazing orgasm that all women should feel free to endure and anjoy with out feeling weird or like theres something wrong with them

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oh and if your using it on her clit
100 percent sure it was ejaculate
because only really friction during intercourse against the uretha can cause the need to pee
(why we always have to pee after sex)
and yeah ejaculation can be cause by g spot or clit stimulation
either one works well
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Eat alot of aspargus a day before & have sex.  See if he still smiles in delight..:)  Will you please let me know the outcome.  Thanks! :)
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I would say there is a possibility - if you achieve G spot orgasm there are cases where a female comes but it isn't squirting its a gush of fluid.

2.  Look up the anatomy down there - the urethra is inbetween the vaginal opening and the clitoris so if it's not coming from the vaginal opening or the clit exactly it's pee from the uthera

3.  Listen to your gf if she thinks its urine it probably is.  The feeling of urinating is not the feeling of an orgasm - they are totally different even if women experience orgasms differently the feeling of urinating is totally unique to this.

4.  It won't necessarily smell as you are inducing the urine out by stimulating the urethra so don't count on it to smell to clarify your theory.

5.  WOMEN DO NOT EJACULATE period.  As I said before if it's a strong G spot orgasm she will gush fluid but NOT FROM THE CLITORIS it will come more from the vaginal opening.  I would take a closer look at where it's coming from. Confusing the uthera with the clit is very common as they are close in location but perform totally different functions.  Your gf knows her body I would trust what she thinks over any website information.
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LoL .Yea man its pee-pee, my wife do the same thing. But a lot wow, when she gets the big OOOOOOO. But it doesn’t look the same, yea it is clear, and no order/taste. Wet every thing. Just keep making her feel good.    
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Sorry, it is not urine. Some women can ejaculate although the origin of the fluid is still up for debate.

Do the research - the information may be found on a legitimate medical website or in a medical textbook. Ask an OB/GYN. Or search a medical database (can access these at a medical library, such as at a medical school or a larger hospital, or college campus library). Or try Google Scholar - that search engine brings up peer-reviewed journal articles as well.

Part of being a good researcher is knowing how to evaluate information, which includes websites. There are guides for that as well. Academics/scientists must utilize these items frequently and being able to determine what is evidence-based information is of the highest importance.

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have any of you men tried to urinate with a full erection? impossible is'nt it? well a woman is the same way. everything is so engorged down there when she is aroused that she can't urinate either. it is female ejaculation not urine, that's my opinion. remar
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I can only decide from my own experience. There can be a certain level of arousal below the urethral area that triggers very sudden wetness, but no such thing as squirting....If this is what everyone is talking about, it is not urine. I think this natural occurence is just blown up by the media and suddenly us women are pushed into the same performance anxiety that guys have been stuck in for centuries. I pee on that....
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Tell her not to worry it is NOT urine trust me it is Female Ejaculation. She is very lucky to have a guy like you ;)

You wrote:
(My GF still thinks that its urine though because she is not hitting her G-spot with anything ...she is just using the vibrator on her clit.)

Let me tell you something as I am a woman myself the clit is the biggest G-spot EVER!!!!!!!

Also I remember back when I first experinced an orgasm I thought that I was going to go pee lol don't worry tell her if she likes the way it feels with the vibrator why not do it? Right? Like a few people said if it was pee you would smell it.

Just enjoy this experience together :)

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After reading all of the above posts I have to say this. It seems to me if a woman was "squirting" why would she think she is peeing? I'm sorry but if you think you're peeing, well then you are. The problem today is that sooo many adult films show this happening, but sorry they cannot all be squirters. If there are real squirters then they are rare. If they werent rare the science would be in on this without question. Our scientists are on the verge of cancer cures people. I'm sure they can figure out whether this is real or not. So far as I can tell it's a very rare thing and any given woman would not be able to do it very often. To those who claim some of the woman here are jealous and because of that deny it I say this. Maybe you're being fooled. Maybe your peeing and have convinced your man that your squirting when you're really peeing and you're afraid he will find out that you're no more special than anyone else. Sorry but to me it's either very rare or complete BS to begin with.
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All i no, is when you take the substances that come out from squirting, its high in fructose and glucose and a small trace of urea.  When you take the substances in urine, its high in urea, and small amounts of fructose and glucose. However, the substance is made in the kidneys. To this day there is NO concret evidence to what this substance is, it is still up in the air.

Any woman can do it, if you put a vibrator on your clit and stimulate it, you will squirt, pee whatever you want to call it, I do it all the time.  I no when i go to the bathroom to pee its not an arousing feeling, but when i squirt it feels greaaaaaaaat.  Also, if you stimulate your gspot you can get the same affect.  Its about exploring your body and finding out what turns you on, and how long to stimulate something.  Women can get Vaginal and Clitoral stimulation that will cause orgasims.
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The knowledge of female ejaculation isnt well known, but i have done a lot of human biology research and i have heard of the Skenes glad...during clitoral stimulation the skenes glad (which is right next to the bladder) fills up, and then it fills the bladder, so after an orgasm especially, women feel the need to go pee because of it. People may think it is all urine because they can smell it...and thats cause there will still be a little in the bladder. As for 'ejeculation' only a very few number of women can do it, but usually its only with G-spot stimulation, but i guess it could happen by clitoral stimulation.

Id say it was female ejaculation, and not just urine
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I do it.
It's not pee.
And it is a hellova lot of fun. Not to be disgusting, but try fingering her G-spot. Feel the rush of wetness, comes from the right place- i bet ya.
My partner used to do this to me- never failed.
I used to be worried- I didnt understand what was going on, because its not really discussed as you grow up.
If you dont understand something- you try to match it to what is familiar.
I dont care what you've read, because you've read wrong. The feeling doesnt start at your bladder and its not a constant stream like urine. For me at least- it comes in spurts.
Also- you eventually have to stop peeing- biologically.
If you dont believe its true- think about it this way- how can my partner make me do it for hours and hours?
At the end I feel like i've been doing sit ups from all the internal contractions. Not something I've ever experienced from going to the toilet.
And if you argue- well i'd say you're jealous. And believe me- you have every right to be, its fantastic. :)
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