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Guys shaving down there

It's not something that most guys talk to one another about....but you women may have more to say about it.

I shave around my scrotum and shaft of penis. My wife who is the only person I've ever 'been with' thinks I'm a bit weird.  But I think it's cleaner and more comfortable.

My question is:  Is this the norm or the exception?  Do other guys do this too? If women shave or wax down there, then why can't guys?

My other question is:  Is this an area that they would do laser hair removal....or is that not done?

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you would be surprised by the amount of men that clean up in that area. i think its a necessity haha. laser, hmm maybe. but id clear that with the wife before you do, after all, you need to have her like it :)
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She doesn't complain....she just thinks it's out of the norm.

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naw, i see more men shaving their bodies these days (im a massage therapist) however i dont see THAT part lol. a friends hubby shaves because he says it make it look bigger lol.
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Most guys I've talked about this with or been with AT LEAST trim down there to some extent. Everything feels cleaner for both partners :) I know I appreciate it, and hopefully your partner does too ;)

As far as laser hair removal goes, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get that down, unless there are certain risks that go with the area. Your best bet would be to call in and find out.
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As for the laser hair removal - wouldn`t that fry the sperms? Even if anyone offers that service, I would read up about it. Even hot baths have been said to kill sperms. That might not justify a clean shave.
As for the looks, I know women who frown upon guys who spend more time on body maintenance than they do...but some experimental spirit can never hurt.
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What a funny topic.  

I "clean up" around the pubic area if I'm going to the beach or a public pool,  but it makes me so itchy I sometimes have to do relaxation breathing.  Like,  if I'm somewhere where it's not appropriate to scratch. So.  I can't believe there is a guy who says it's more comfortable to shave.  

To me,  it's torture.  My husband has never,  ever in his life shaved his privates,  because he wears a man's surfer bathing suit,  not a woman's suit where nothing is left to the imagination,  hair-wise.    When we go to the beach for a long weekend,  I have to excuse myself and pretend to go to the bathroom to scratch.  

Seems like it takes all kinds.  ;D

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