Now that my husband and I are no longer together. I have found a place to live. I am living in the same building that I have lived in for 6 years. This time in a studio. Well have I got a story for you.
Let me start off by saying my divorce isn't finalized yet. Well a few weeks ago I was sound asleep. I get a call from a number I'm not familiar with. Now let me point out I'm half asleep and really have no idea what's going on. It was our assistant maintenance guy. He was calling me from his cell phone. Umm...no not ok. I've lived in that building for 6 years and no one has ever done that before.
He comes in and looks at all of the maintenance requests I have. He fixes nothing. He actually starts hitting on me. This on its own wouldn't be so bad, but he's telling me he's lonely. He also told me to believe in God (I don't, and don't ask me to believe).  
I threw him out and told the Assistant Property Manager that I didn't care for what he did.
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I talked to him and told him not to do that. To get back at me he closed my maintenance requests. They are nothing dire, so I pretty much am going to let them go for now.
I blocked his cell phone number from my phone and blocked him on Facebook, even though we aren't friends.
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Oh no.  Not okay and stalkerish.   Do you know that statistically that most violent stalkers or stalkers in general are people that are nothing more than acquaintances?  And this acquaintance has a key to your apartment!!!!  You did the right thing to tell the assistant property manager and I'd report in writing anything else he does that is anywhere along the lines of inappropriate.  You also need to tell HIM that it is inappropriate.  The hitting on you in your apartment when he is there for maintenance is just so not okay.  Tell him you aren't interested in any way.  good luck
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