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Should I keep it?

I met a guy in late Nov. he was a really great guy except he had a girlfriend. He told me that upfront. I would ask him about getting to know me better, he told me he didnt see me that way. I would constanly beg him to come over, he would always tell me no. OK one night he was drunk he came over, we had sex. He told me it was a mistake, and he was wrong for being there. i told him not to worry, that i was on the pill and i wasnt trying to have kids with him. i have two kids already.

I found out i was pregnant. i told him that. he begged me to not have this child. I told him that i liked the way he begged. I also told him that i was with someone new yrs eve and someone after i got with him.  i want to have this kid but he is begging me not too. i told him i would have the abortion, i then changed my mind and now hes freaking out. i always wanted a son. i joked with him and said if he would marry me i would have the abortion, he didnt think that was funny. he was talking about committing suicide and i told him if he did that i would be at his funeral to get his DNA so i could get my money. he never lied to me about his relationship and he didnt dog me out. i told him he didnt use me, and my intentions were to sleep with him to get him to leave his girlfriend. he doesnt call me anymore, and the third guy i was with changed his number.

whenever i do talk to him he sounds so disgusted to talk with me, i guess because he has no choice in the matter, and i told him that based on my past experiences i dont care about mens feelings. he doesnt have any kids either so this would be his first.

what do you guys think?
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I think the guy is a user and he dosen't want no responiblity of his child. I think if  men don't want a child don't have sex cause it's a chance  of getting a girl pregant. Any guy ever told me to get abortion I would never ever talk to them in my life and when I have the baby I would make them support  there child.  That's a baby.  doesn't he understand you would be killing a baby. some reason he wants his way out.  You do the best for you and your baby. You can do it without him.  I know you were saying you have other children.  Im sure your a good mom. Get rid of him you don't need a guy to tell you to get a abortion. That must hurt your feelings. please make the right choice keep the baby and tell him to go.

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Do you look like Glenn Close?
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who are you askin that to?
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I was asking the original poster.  Our posts were posted at the same time.
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I told him that i was going to have the abortion, but i then changed my mind. Then he started freaking out. I told him that i have had an abortion before. He tells me that i am playing with his mind. But i dont really care about his feelings, i dont even know him that well.
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we had casual conversations before, and he told me of how he wanted a normal family and no kids out of wedlock and things of that nature. like i said he didnt lead me on to believing that he would be with me. I knew what i was getting into. I told him that i want to have this kid so i would never be lonely. he begged so much for me not to have this kid, he didnt try to force me, i just really didnt care about what he said. i told him he didnt have to be involved and for him not to tell anyone. i also told him im used to men not being there. my first kid i cheated on my boyfriend and got pregnant by someone else, and my second kid the guy had a girlfriend that i knew about  and i got pregnant by him too, so this isnt new to me. its new to him because he doesnt have any kids and has never gotten anyone pregnant. he shouldnt have came over my house drunk lol.
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