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where did you meet your significant other?
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I met my guy at the Major League baseball park, here in San Diego.
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I met my fiancé at a night club in NYC.
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I was in a wheelchair with a shattered kneecap from a motorcycle accident and sitting at a local honkeytonk listening to music when he came over and asked me to dance. Right! I could not even stand! He picked me up and carried me onto the dance floor and slow danced with me. First and last romantic thing he ever did. But it worked!
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we were 6...he was best friends with my cousins neighbor. i hated him. he was such a mean and nasty little boy. we've been married two years as of yesterday.
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aww, teko that is so cute... :)

and happy anniversary, late, penswriter.
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I met Andrew in college! I was dating someone else at the time, who in the long run was unfaithful. Andrew followed me like a loss pup everywhere!!! and  said he knew I was the one from the moment he saw me and it was a matter of time that I would leave the other guy.  I didn't feel the same way (lol), so it took a while for me to truly appreciate him. it was just fate. It was meant to be :)
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wow, interesting how things work out... that's pretty crazy.
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Good question sweetpea!  My husband did not live in the city that I do but we have mutual friends.  I had heard his name and vice versa for a long time prior to meeting.  He moved to the city I live in and then I heard his name even more.  I felt like I knew a LOT about him prior to our meeting.  I was at a big shebang of a party-------  really fancy shmancy and I was all dolled up.  At that party (probably in the cocktail line)----  I was introduced to my now husband.  We kind of had an instant connection and from all the stories, we felt like we knew each other.  We are about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of marriage!
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I met my husband in college (sort of). I went with my cousin to visit his friend who was away for his first summer semester (I wasn't starting until the fall) about a week after graduating...and my husband was (here goes) my cousin's friend's roommate's band's lead singer. Phew. Anyway, he was hanging out at my cousin's friend's dorm and we hit it off big time. 8 years together, about to celebrate 3 years of marriage this fall.
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I met my husband in college. Actually in the cafeteria. He was standing in line behind me and had the cute southern accent. Of course being from NY I could not let it go and started asking him to say different words for me. Two days later he asked me out!
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i went to high school with mine but we never hung... i hung with most of his friends....he always had a girlfriend....lol

then 3 years ago today (its our anniversary) a mutal friend had a bday party for their 1 year old daughter, and we met there "offically"....i said he was cute, got my number and we been together ever since
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My DH and I went to high school together and had crushes on each other although we never knew each other. We didn't actually meet until years later at a country bar and the friend I was with said, "Hey, we went to school with that guy." I ducked behind her and said OMG I had a huge crush on him in high school! She literally dragged me over to him and we started talking. The next day we went to lunch, 6 weeks later we were engaged and after 5 months we were married. 7 years later and still going strong!
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I met my husband in the military, I was staying in the military carter with 5 other girls and someone break into one of the girls room and my DH was one of the cop on call. He had to asked questions to all 5 of us to find out if we saw anything, because I was french and he was french too, the other cop said to my DH "ok she is french, she's your"  We start dating couple weeks after that, 6 months after we were married and February 12 we celebrated our 17 anniversary.
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On a blind date, arranged by my then boss.  We kind of hit off right after the start...I was in the middle of moving from one apt to the other so it was a few days before we got together again, we went out for several months and I proposed after we'd been going out for about 18 months..and were married June 17,1999.  I inherited 2 beautiful step daughters (then 10 and 14 whom I now consider my girls and a stepson aged 14 who I consider my son who happened to be the same age as one of my own sons and with the same name.

We've had our ups and downs but we're still together and plan to be.

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I met my boyfriend at Smart and Final when I worked there.  Before I worked there my friend warned me about him and said he'd probably like me but not talk to me since he was really shy.  A few times after working with him I stopped him and talked to him for about 45 min in the back receiving area and asked him questions about life LOL then made him come with me to my friends house for a few beers and we have been together since.  5years and a baby later.  

Now... to only get the ring... LOl ;)
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my ex boyfriends sitting room haha. We stayed friends and he had a friend coming up who was dropped off by his brother, second i laid eyes on him that was that! :)
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I've known my DH since I was little.  We live in the same TINY town (population:300) and he was a friend of my older brother.  We starting flirting with each other when I worked at my first job @ age 15, waitressing at a little deli and he worked at a gas station; I would stop in to see him every chance I got, and it seems he did the same.  The flirting continued for several years (there was quite an age difference) until we started dating when I was 17, got married when I was 20, and now its 10 years and four kids later.....=)
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I met my husband 2½ years ago in the cafeteria at my workplace. He had seen me talking with the cashier at the cafeteria (who was a close friend of mine) quite a few times, and one day, after I'd gone upstairs to my office, he asked the cashier about me. He found out that I was single and available, lol...so he wrote his number down and gave it to her to give to me when she saw me next.
She gave me the number and told me he was a really nice, cute guy who was interested in me, and I'd better call him because she just knew we'd make a great couple, lol. Four days later I called him, we set a date for the next day and he took me to a really nice restaurant. I happened to have a really bad cold and almost no voice, my nose was congested and runny the whole time, my cough sounded nasty, I kept dropping food off my plate, and I knocked my head on his car door getting out. I figured I'd never hear from him again, lol.
We got married last September and just had a baby in January. :-)
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I met my boyfriend through Myspace. I never really liked the idea of meeting people through internet...but went out with a couple of guys I met. Needless to say, he was different and wasn't just after another piece of a$$. We hit it off the first night (even though we saw a stupid movie) ordered the same meal choice at the diner (grilled chicken sandwich) and even had a first goodnight kiss the same night! And that was just over 3 years ago. Guess sometimes you can meet real good people online!
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aww, cute stories.. :)

now if only a guy would ask me out.. haha.
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i met my girlfriend in a night club, i wasn't even there to pick up girls just to dance and have fun, but there was an immidiate attraction between the two of us and we really hit it off.

About a year later i found a picture of me in the same night club 1 year BEFORE i met my girlfriend, and yet there she was in the background dancing no more than 2 metres from me.

I remembered that night i spoke to her but i was too drunk/deaf to understand what she was saying and scared her off by making her think i was a weirdo.

When i showed my girlfriend she was shocked and said it's a good job we didn't get together on the first meeting because she wasn't in a good place back then.

We took it as a kind of Fate, that we met once, split ways then re met one year later in the same place and now we've been together in perfect harmony for almost 3 years ^_^
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Officially, we "met" online- yahoo personals... but fate, destiny-- whatever you want to call it...as we talked and got to know each other-- there were many times in the previous 10 years (to our meeting) that we can pin point moments where our paths crossed... even though we lived two states apart!  
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I am not sure if he is my significant other but I have been dating a man for two months. ( That is good for me)

I am an organizer of a local meetup group focused on Personal Development. I met him when he came to a meetup of mine. The meetup ended early and I said I wanted to do something fun and he asked me what was fun. I replied " Trivia Pursuit" and just so happened he had the game in his trunk!
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