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my married life

I'm married since year ago and I'm facing a lot of sexual problems...... first problem was the severe pain during sex and the reason for this pain because it was my first time, I lost my virginity, and I'm not used to internal sex..... after one year i didn't feel pain any more but the problem is I can't reach my orgasm... I asked some people and they said the reason is  because I used to do mastarbation and out sex , and I will not be able to have my orgasm when i do internal sex ..... for that I start complaining from dehydration in my vagina and now we can't do sex any more because it's become an comfortable for both of us

could you help
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You can use a lubricant for the vaginal dryness and as far as the orgasm is it just during intercourse that you don't reach one? Are u able to reach one through other means?
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Many women cannot reach orgasm through intercourse alone regardless if they masturbated before ever having intercourse or not.  You or your husband can touch your clit during sex to try to achieve orgasm that way.  Some women still can't achieve even with that, so just have him help you along after he gets his (or before if preferred as it may make you a little wetter).  It took a while before I could have an orgasm through intercourse with my partner, and even then, it's not every time.  I have to be relaxed and have had plenty of foreplay for it to happen without either of us helping me along.

As Rosy suggested, lubricant can help with vaginal dryness.  I also wonder if your husband is giving you enough foreplay.
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