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34 Years Old Male Battling Against Severe Cough Since 2010

Hello, i am 34 years old, Male, (Never Married), (Never Smoke), (Never Drink) - i am having this severe cough problem since 2010/2011, every year i caught up by this severe cough sometime seasonal allergies (September to March) And sometime non-seasonal, at the start, from 2010 to 2015 i did not notice about it and i never went to any doctor to treat it, i thought it was a normal cough and when ever the cough caught me , it went away by its own, after 2/3/4 months of severe DRY cough.

Every Year sometime once sometime twice , the cough was catching me and then in 2016 i decided to go to a doctor,,, - after doing many Medical check-ups,, - For Example, -  " Blood Test, Chest & Sinus X-rays, ENT (ear-nose-throat) CT Scan, Allergy Level (IgE), And Some Others, "  Doctor found nothing - Doctor told me i have allergies and he start giving me, " Montelukast Sodium + Desloratadine (Antihistamine) + Nasal Spray + Sometimes Anti-Biotics " in the first year of my treatment, 2016. i took the above medicines for 3 months+ (Anti-Biotics for a Week Only) but nothing happened , severe cough keep disturbing my daily life and after 2/3 months  of continues coughing it went away by its own, and then every single coming year After 2016, the cough keep catching me, sometime seasonal allergies (September to March) And sometime non-seasonal, And Believe me Whenever it caught Me , everytime i did all the Medical check-ups But Doctor found nothing And Again they start giving me Anti-Allergic Medicines but as i said, its been Years i Keep taking these medicines but nothing helped, if i take the medicines OR if i don't take it , in both ways once the cough catch me, it won't go away in less than 2/3/4 months.

In last few years i consulted with many Doctors not 1/2/3/4/5 but Many, i tried General Physicians, ENT specialist, Pulmonologist. AND Every Year Whenever the cough caught me , EveryTime i did All the Medical check-ups But found nothing. And i End up Taking All These Anti-Allergic Medicines Which Don't Work and i keep coughing for months until the cough will go by its own

it's been 1 month, i got viral fever, when the fever was there , everyday alot of mucus was building in the throat, after few days fever was gone, but the severe cough is still there, i cough 20 times in 1 minute and its a really hard cough, i am taking Anti-Biotics, Anti-Histamine, Using Nebulizer, Nasal Spray, Gargle With Salt Water but nothing is treating the Cough. ( as always )

One thing i have to mention here , if it's day time or night, when i am coughing too hard, And if i put my head on bed and i am lying down, the cough will vanish, there will not be a single cough and it's Same if i am eating some food and the food is covering my larynx there will be no cough at all, and same goes with Mucus if there is some Mucus covering my larynx there will be no cough at all, until i clean my throat, once i swallow the food or mucus and clean my larynx / throat, i will start the Severe DRY Cough really hard non-stop.

I Don't feel any dripping in throat, i Don't feel shortness of breath

I would appreciate any feedback at all. Thank you in advance
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I was like that. I have a deviated septum as well. I am a migraine sufferer. Have had breast cancer, leukemia, and uterine cancer. I am a nonsmoker. I have a heart condition as well. What don't  I have? I went to an ENT, he put me on Omeprazole 40mg, gave me a sinus medication, insisted I return. The coughing has ceased from fits that lasted till I pasted out. He told me the ultrasound showed the deviated septum, but also noted that the esophageal surgery I had done years ago, that the cough was the cause of the mucus falling into my esophagus. Then he said my weight gain didn't help. I had no idea why my weight was piling on. I was always a thin person. Then my own Family physician did an A1C and it was 7.9. I was pre-diabetes. I went from 200lbs to 144lbs after they treated me with metformin. I had to follow a strict diet, keep my weight off and lose more. The cough is gone, the occasional time it returns but a normal few coughing issues...not like the fits I used to have till I passed out. Did they ever do an endoscopy...did you ever see a gastroenterologist? How is your weight? I also saw a doctor who specializes in thyroidism...he was a quack. I have 5 nodules in my thyroid but they are a problem for swallowing...he calls me nodule girl, the freakazoid. I never went back to him but all of these seem to affect the cough. I stay on the Omeprazole, rinse my sinus with saline solution and recently bought a nebulizer that my family doctor says will help with the environmental allergies. I have yet to try that. However, you might try an endoscopy and the Omeprazole.  It maybe something and if your weight is high, try to reduce it. I have found if I start to gain a few pounds my cough starts up and other issues of the past. Therefore, I try to keep it down. Sorry it is not an answer to your coughing but I pray it might help. Oh I to, am a libra.
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