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Bad breath from my mouth and nose

I have bad odor from my mouth and nose. My tongue has super white coating and i cant get rid of them. i have some bumps at the back of my tongue and i wondered. I noticed recently that people can smell my bad breath even when im not talking like they can smell me from the breath. I see some reactions from people around me covering/rubbing their nose and coughing when they dont have coughs in the first place. Im sensing wherever i go the smell just follows its crazy. Im really depressed about my condition and i hope to get some solutions. Please help me guys
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https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Respiratory-Disorders/Bad-Smell-in-my-nose/show/284169?page=4 - Others have the same problem as you do.

White tongue is Post nasal drip. Brush your tongue with baking soda - for the white tongue. It'll help. You might have an bacterial infection in your sinuses.

Make an appointment with an ENT.  When you meet him (ENT), ask him to get a CT scan done. There might be some inflammation of your sinus passage ways or a polyp maybe.
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