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Bad breath from my mouth and nose

I have bad odor from my mouth and nose. My tongue has super white coating and i cant get rid of them. i have some bumps at the back of my tongue and i wondered. I noticed recently that people can smell my bad breath even when im not talking like they can smell me from the breath. I see some reactions from people around me covering/rubbing their nose and coughing when they dont have coughs in the first place. Im sensing wherever i go the smell just follows its crazy. Im really depressed about my condition and i hope to get some solutions. Please help me guys
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https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Respiratory-Disorders/Bad-Smell-in-my-nose/show/284169?page=4 - Others have the same problem as you do.

White tongue is Post nasal drip. Brush your tongue with baking soda - for the white tongue. It'll help. You might have an bacterial infection in your sinuses.

Make an appointment with an ENT.  When you meet him (ENT), ask him to get a CT scan done. There might be some inflammation of your sinus passage ways or a polyp maybe.
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I have had the similiar issue. Even my best friend wouldn't say anything. Every time we got in the car, she would just roll her window down. Ive noticed when I walked into a room, people would make this sniffle noise and Im just like, if my breath stinks why are they inhaling?  No one really had the courage to tell me and I had tried everything. From the outside i look nice as well but it literally felt like i was a rotten egg by the way people act. I brush and floss everyday, tried saline flush, gargling salt water, eating parsley every morning (which helped temporarily), Therabreath, gone to an ENT (which didnt help ****), go to the dentist faithfully and  every time I think im closer, its still the same reactions. I drank Cholorophyll which helps the odor within your body. Tried green tea, black tea but NOTHINGGG. I begged God to show me a way because it was ruining my social life, personal life and romantic life. No one wants to kiss someone with bad breath that is seeping through their nostrils or mouth. No one wants to talk so close if they smell your breath, they would take a step back or casually place their index finger under their nose or flip their top lip back so it close to their now.  Ive heard people make jokes about bad breath in front of me before and was like DAMN that must be how they feel about me. I didnt want to go out with friends and if i had to be with them in a car, I would roll my window down. BUT FINALLY I FOUND A SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR ME. Brushing my teeth with Myrhh powder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works and I thank God everyday He took this issue away from me. I still stay away from dairy products to not irritate it but I use this powder and brush my teeth and tongue and take a drop of coconut oil an d drop it into each nostril to keep it moistened and bacteria free as much as possible. Please try this and let me know. I said im going to share my testimony because I did come here once looking for a cure.
help me bro
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hello guys im having the same problem you are all experiencing.. it started when i was in grade school but it was only bad breath coming from the mouth.. the when  i did got to high school the bad is also coming from the nose..  i really cant smell the odor but i just notice it with other people.. now im 29 years old and thank god im still alive even though all these years im so depressed.. i dont have any friends right now but i have a loving wife  and 2kids.. hopefully you can help me...   im currently low financially but open to any help or cheap alternative solution about our problem..here is my fb account.. please add and contact me.. walterwhitecapper@gmail. com
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