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Breathing and chest pain, dizzy issue

Hi, for the last 2 years I had been having daily trouble breathing, chest pain, dizziness, and tightness in my chest. It gets worse on any little exersion (like walking to the mailbox) and my inhalers do not help. I am terrified as it feels like I'm dying and can't get a breath in. I have seen and still see several doctors and have done many tests. Primary care, pulmonologists, cardiologist, ENT, and gastro drs. More than 1 of each and nothing has helped yet. I am scared guys. Does anyone please have any experience with anything similar to this? I do have asthma, anxiety, and gerd. But no medicine for those has been helpful and my symptoms seem extreme for those diagnosis as well. I also changed my diet for gerd guidelines and avoid all asthma triggers. Please help with any advice.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. This is, I am sure, very scary to you. Have you had any improvement? You've seen doctors at this point, what is their recommendation? I am sure they tested you for anything viral such as covid or pneumonia. You do have some diagnoses that can cause this sensation though. How well are they managed? All three of the things you have can cause similar chest sensations. It is likely due to these. And because of anxiety, you then are anxious about that. Does that make sense? It's all compounding. Do you see a therapist and/or treat your anxiety? How do you treat your gerd? And is your asthma controlled?
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