I am a 21 year old female. I didn't do anything out of the normal today but have been experiencing a visceral pain in the lower left side of my chest radiating into my left breast. I can feel it all the time but especially when I exhale. Any idea what it is/how to make it better?
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Hello and welcome ! I am sorry you are in pain .I am not sure about what is bothering you but ,if it were me I would go to the Dr .Like your name says it's probably nothing but it won't hurt to get it checked out .Life is too short to worry so why not go to your Dr to ease your mind ? I hope you get to feeling better soon
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It could possibly be costochondritis, thats what i have and thats exactly what happens to me. Ask your doctor for a chest ultrasound to determine it though. Its nothing serious and it wont harm you in anyway, all it is is liquid in/between your lungs, it can be painful but if thats it, theres nothing to worry about (o:
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