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Chronic post nasal drip, sore throat & nasal polyps

I have chronic post nasal drip, sore throat, and nasal polyps. I've tried air filters, cough drops, humidifiers, salt sinus washes, and Claritin. I still get a sore nasopharynx, and occasionally sore throat. The doctor said it was allergies, but the measures I've taken have had little effect. Is there anything I should try?
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Hi, I have the exact same problem.
Last year I was sick for 1/2 the year, because it would turn into a sinus infection.
Finally I got into the Ear nose and throat dr.
I had a CT scan done, I had a polyp and a deviated septum, but the dr said it was caused
by allergies.  She gave me a cortisone nasal spray to try and it worked.  I can't believed
I suffered so long and my GP didn't offer this advice?? I have to use it everyday and I've been fine since I tried it.  I went for allergy testing too, I was very sensitive to any type of mould, so I need to be careful if I go somewhere that seems musty, or too humid.
Good luck, I hope you get some relief soon.
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I have the exact same thing, is there really no way to get rid of this? Because you know when your saliva is yellow it means it contains bacteria and this is causing me periodontitis, a irritated throat, irritated pharynx, irritated nasopharynx, congested nose etc.!

Do antibiotics really not going to work even if the strain is non-MRSA?
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Have you been tested for staph? I have post nasal drip recurring sore throats and cough up(from the back of my throat, not the chest) thick sticky disgusting colored pieces of mucus,which are sometimes blood streaked(sorry) sometimes. My GP sent off a specimen and it came back - staphylococcus aureus bacteria. I've had this for nearly 8 years, so far no antibiotics have cured it. I've come across another person in a different forum with the same thing and he's even had surgery to remove the infected thing in his throat? and no luck with antibiotics. I've passed it on to 2 of my kids. It's worth getting tested if you haven't.
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